Updated 7/1, 8 a.m.

4th of July Notices

As we head into the Fourth of July holiday weekend, please remember fireworks are prohibited in Willamalane parks and natural areas at all times. Willamalane facility hours will also be adjusted for the 4th of July:

  • Splash!: Open 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
  • Camp Putt: Open 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
  • Willamalane Park Swim Center: Closed
  • Bob Keefer Center: Closed
  • Adult Activity Center: Closed

Facility Alerts

  • Monday, July 18: Willamalane Adult Activity Center will open late at 12 p.m.
  • Summer pool hours are in effect. See the new pool hours for Splash! and Willamalane Park Swim Center.

Park Alerts

Dorris Ranch Closure

The historic filbert orchards at Dorris Ranch require seasonal treatment to prevent a variety of infections and invasive species that could harm the trees. To make this happen, our team uses regulated fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides that are recommended specifically for the treatment of these orchards and are part of best practices developed by Oregon State University and the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Willamalane does not use Class 1 (“Danger” label) or Class 2 (‘Warning” label) products when treating the orchards. Here is more information about that program. 

Dorris Ranch is scheduled to be closed to treat the orchards for filbert worms from Tuesday, July 5, through Friday, July 8. We will be using a product called Intrepid 2F Insecticide for this treatment. The treatment is weather-dependent, and any changes will be posted here. The closure includes the park, orchard, trailhead, and a section of the Middle Fork Path. Please follow posted signage and stay safe.

Our process for conducting treatments at Dorris Ranch: 

  1. We identify our target vegetation that we’re treating and determine the options for application and the types of materials to use.
  2. We work closely with an orchardist who will make the application, and we always leave a buffer zone around the outer edge of the orchard.

If you would like to receive email notifications for Dorris Ranch closures, sign up here.

Seal Coating
  • The parking lot at Bob Artz Park will be closed from July 5-6 and July 11-15 for seal coating.
  • The parking lot at Lively Park will be closed from July 11-13 for seal coating.
  • The paths at Guy Lee Park will be closed from July 18-22 for seal coating.

Avian Influenza

  • Some wild birds in our area have tested positive for avian influenza (HPAI). While the risk to human health is low, Willamalane is working with partners to monitor parks and natural areas. To keep yourself and others safe, please do not feed any birds in parks. If you come across any sick or deceased birds in parks and natural areas, report them to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife at 866-968-2600 or Do not touch the birds.

    Willamalane staff will also report deceased birds found in parks and natural areas and follow proper removal and disposal procedures. 
Park Restrooms
  • The bathrooms at Booth Kelly Trailhead, Guy Lee Park, and Meadow Park are closed.

Program Alerts

Summer Playground Program
  • Willamalane’s Summer Playground Program is canceled for summer 2022. Learn more here.

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