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Volunteer Spotlight: High Cascade Forest Volunteers

volunteer-spotlight-high-cascade-forest-volunteersDespite all of the lulls that occurred across the country with the federal government shutdown, the Scorpion Crew continued their work. The Scorpion Crew is a part of the High Cascades Forest Volunteers who volunteer year-round to help the U.S. Forest Service maintain their trail system. These volunteers logged over 7,000 hours last year alone — all for free. They improved trail drainage, cut out downed trees from across trails, and built bridges to restore trails, especially after wildfires.

This group loves to work hard and loves to be outside. When the federal government shutdown affected their ability to work on federal lands, they quickly sought out other opportunities to continue doing what they do. They reached out to Willamalane and were quickly getting busy helping staff address some issues along various trail systems.

The Scorpion Crew started their work at Thurston Hills Natural Area removing over 60 non-native trees from areas adjacent to trails and used the material to block social trails. The crew improved drainage along the Thurston Hills Mossy Maple Trail and removed ivy from near the trailhead.

After wrapping up their work at Thurston Hills, the crew shifted their attention to some trail improvements at Dorris Ranch. The crew quickly got busy building an extension of the Oak Trail (.25 miles) including building a 15-foot bridge to cross a drainage. In addition, a small sub crew assisted in removing small diameter trees from within the oak woodland to support Willamalane in their continued restoration of these increasingly rare habitats.

All said and done, the crew logged more than 335 hours supporting Willamalane in improving these trails for the users who love them. So take a hike and enjoy the results of their hard work!

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