Swim Lessons

Willamalane’s newly-redesigned program teaches kids about the basics of water safety and swimming, all while maintaining an appropriate distance. See the important notes below about the different programs and precautions we are taking.

Splash! at Lively Park and Willamalane Park Swim Center

Willamalane Park and Recreation District’s Swim Lesson program will be available for our community through an individualized format. Our individual format options include,

  • Private Swim Lessons: $30 ID/$40 OD per lesson
  • Semi-Private Lessons: $17.50 ID/$22.50 OD per student, per lesson
  • Family Group Lessons: $45 ID/$50 OD for up to 4 students, per lesson
    • Students must be within 2 level groups of one another
To schedule your individualized Swim Lesson please contact our Willamalane Front Desk to fill out the form. Patrons are contacted within 3 business days after the submission of their request.

For all pool-related frequently asked questions, please visit willamalane.org/pools

What’s changed?
Our Swim Lesson Program for Fall 2020 will be designed to fit individual patron needs. Those interested in Swim Lessons will contact our Aquatic Facilities to request either a private swim lesson, semi-private swim lesson, or a small family group lesson. The organization of these lessons will include times, days, and number of lessons that you are interested in to form your own specialized session.

Where will the instructor be?
Instructors will be teaching from the deck or in the water at least 6-feet away from adults and students.
When should I arrive?
Please line up outside no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your class time. If you arrive earlier, please wait in your vehicle. You will be admitted into the building approximately 10 minutes before the start of your class.

Who qualifies as a parent/caregiver?
Anyone in the swimmer’s household age 15 or older can act as a swimmer’s caregiver. However, the caregiver must be one consistent individual throughout the course of the swim session. 

Can other family and friends attend swim lessons as spectators?
No. We will not permit spectators to swim lessons at this time to maintain capacity limits.

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