Willamalane Scholarships

Financial assistance is available for community members who want to participate in Willamalane classes and programs.

Willamalane Scholarship Eligibility Requirements 

  • Scholarship recipients must reside within Willamalane’s district boundaries. However, children in foster care who attend a Springfield Public School are eligible for a scholarship regardless of where they live. 
  • Scholarship recipients must show current documentation of one of the following programs: 
    • Oregon Trail Card or SNAP (food stamp cards)
    • WIC Card
    • Oregon Medical Assistance Plan
    • Oregon Health Plan
    • Medicaid
    • Free or Reduced Lunch
    • LIHEAP
    • Proof of unemployment insurance
    • A written hardship (this is available on the scholarship application)
  • Scholarships are limited to no more than 50% of the cost of the activity fee.
  • The maximum amount of scholarship funds granted per person is limited to $150 per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). This can be used for multiple programs so long as the $150 maximum is not exceeded. 
  • Scholarships are non-transferable, meaning that recipients may not transfer scholarship funds to another member of their family. 
  • Not all Willamalane programs are eligible for scholarships. ALL-ACCESS Memberships are not eligible. To learn more about what programs are and are not scholarship eligible, please call us at 541-743-4544 or email us at willamalane.org/contact
Applicants will be notified by phone or email within two weeks of submitting a completed application.

Available Scholarships

Swim Lesson Scholarship
Water safety skills are essential. This scholarship helps provide these crucial safety skills for people in our community. This scholarship is made possible by PacificSource. 

PacificSource Health Plans logo

Adult Programs Scholarship
Adult recreation programs engage our community in lifelong learning and exploration. This Adult Programs Scholarship improves access for adults who wish to broaden their horizons. This scholarship is sponsored by Gateway Living.

Gateway Living Logo

Early Childhood Programs Scholarship

Early Childhood programs help kids gain social and academic skills from an early age. The Early Childhood Programs Scholarship brings more recreation opportunities to kids who are preschool-age and younger. This scholarship is made possible by Twin Rivers Plumbing and PacificSource Health Plans.

Twin Rivers Plumbing Logo       PacificSource Health Plans logo

1PASS Scholarship

The 1PASS provides unlimited access to healthy activities, education, culture, and recreation to as many kids as possible. The 1PASS Scholarship reduces the cost of the pass by half. The scholarship is funded by International Paper and the Willamalane Park Foundation.

international-paper-logo      Willamalane Park Foundation logo

Willamalane Park and Recreation District General Scholarship

Willamalane's general scholarship fund applies to recreation programs for all ages. Not every Willamalane program is scholarship eligible, but this scholarship covers the programs that are.

Middle School Sports Scholarships

Middle school sports help kids develop athletic skills, teamwork, and mastery of sports in the convenience of their own school gym. If you are not able to pay the entire registration fee, please download and fill out the Middle School Sports Scholarship Application or pick one up at Bob Keefer Center. This scholarship makes the cost of each sport only $20 and is made possible thanks to Springfield Public Schools.

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