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Willamalane loves to support local fundraising events with a Willamalane Donation Pack. Our Donation Packs are perfect for silent auctions, raffles, and baskets. Each Donation Pack includes a coupon for a month-long ALL-ACCESS Family Membership, valued at $115 (up to six people living in the same household). No purchase is necessary to enjoy this month of membership. To learn more about the ALL-ACCESS Memberships, visit

Willamalane Donation Packs are available only to registered nonprofit, not-for-profit, civic, or educational organizations that comply with local tax laws. Organizations must use Donation Pack in a location near the official Willamalane Park and Recreation District boundaries (within approximately 25 miles). Each qualifying organization may receive one Donation Pack per year. Please allow 30 days from the date you complete the form below until the date when you need the Donation Pack in hand.

In order to qualify for a Donation Pack, your organization must use the Donation Pack to raise money for a cause that aligns with Willamalane’s mission to “Deliver exceptional parks and recreation to enrich the lives of everyone we serve.” In order to better understand our donation criteria, we’ve broken it into five categories.

  • Access to recreation and sportsWillamalane-5890 - Copy
    Willamalane values partnerships to create access to recreation and sports for children, families, adults and seniors, especially within under-served populations.
  • Education
    Willamalane supports programs that improve primary and secondary education for children.
  • Support for children
    Willamalane values partners who help children grow, develop, learn, and find their place in the world.
  • Health and wellness
    Willamalane supports partners working to address hunger, improve nutrition, strengthen health, and create wellness awareness, access, and support.
  • Environmental stewardship
    Willamalane supports partnerships with organizations that strive to protect nature and support sustainability.
Does your project align with one of those criteria? Please fill out this form to request a donation. If you have any questions about your donation request, please contact 541-736-4531.

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