Willamalane's Future: Share Your Ideas for Our Community

Willamalane plans to meet its community’s needs by exploring opportunities for future growth, improvements, and priorities. Every 10 years, Willamalane makes major updates to its Comprehensive Plan. These updates will provide a 20-year vision and a prioritized project list to guide Willamalane’s future.

To understand what the community is looking for from Willamalane, the district is asking for your feedback. Share your thoughts on what you want to see from Willamalane parks, recreation programs, facilities, community services, events, and more.


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We'd love your feedback on the parks, amenities, and recreation programs you'd like to see. Fill out this form to submit your idea. If you include your email address, we'll write back to confirm that your idea has been received.

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View the Town Hall

On April 21, Willamalane and consulting agency BerryDunn held a town hall meeting to discuss the planning process, share early findings, and answer questions. Here’s a recording of that meeting.

Get Updates About the Comprehensive Plan

Willamalane is in the early stages of updating our Park and Recreation Comprehensive Plan, which is a 20-year plan for the future of parks, facilities, and recreation programs. This plan will prioritize our projects and guide Willamalane’s fiscal planning and future work.  There will be many opportunities for feedback during the process.

Needs Assessment engagement opportunities. Focus groups are held in Spring and Autumn 2022. Town hall meetings are held in Spring and Autumn 2022. Mailed survey is sent in Summer 2022. Online surveys are available Summer and Autumn 2022 and Winter 2023. Pop-up events are held Summer and Autumn 2022. Online idea submissions are accepted Spring 2022 through Spring 2023.

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