Current Construction & Planning Projects

New Front Entrance Timber Sign
The park entrance sign for Dorris Ranch was demolished in a storm several years ago.  With over 500 people providing feedback we have selected a final design for a replacement sign and structure.  Construction of the sign will start in July.
Restroom and Site Improvements Adjacent to Barn
New flush restrooms are coming to the park adjacent to the barn.  These restrooms will support events and programs happening in and around that area and will also be available for public use.  In addition to restrooms, some site work will be happening to address drainage and accessibility issues.  These improvements include compacted gravel walkways, a permeable paver patio area,  timber steps and landscaping improvements.  Construction for this project will start at the end of June and be complete by the start of October.
These projects are being constructed with use of Willamalane’s Bond & SDC funds and using orchard revenues.  The park will be open as usual to the general public during construction.  Please excuse our mess and be patient with construction activities as they occur throughout the summer.  If you have any project questions please contact Kristina Boe, Landscape Architect, 541-736-4050.
In 2016 Willamalane acquired 30 additional acres of land adjacent to Dorris Ranch, which initiated us to take a fresh look at our master plan for the park.  The ideas and plans for the park are being guided by a team of Willamalane employees who know the park intimately and use it regularly.  Many specialists, partners, and user groups have been incorporated into the design review process.  We would like your feedback as well!  Please see below for opportunities for providing comments and feedback on future concepts.

Public Feedback
We held a public event at Dorris Ranch on May 10 & 11.  Over 50 people attended and provided feedback on concepts for 2 areas within the park.  Tours were provided of the newly acquired property.



We have generated 3 concepts for 2 different areas within the park.  Links to these are provided below.
Front Entrance Concept 1: Community Building
Front Entrance Concept 2: Explore & Play
Front Entrance Concept 3: Farm to Table
New Property Concept 1: Hiker’s Destination
New Property Concept 2: Camp Allen
New Property Concept 3: The Event Venue

Comprehensive Plan

View the 2012 Comprehensive Plan here.
View the Comprehensive Plan appendices here.
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