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Make an absolute racket! Tennis is a great sport for all ages, and our experienced coaches will teach people at all levels of experience.

Friday Night Jamborees: All ages and levels. Players of all ages and levels are invited to join us for these fun tennis events! We will do a combination of instruction, drills, games, and fun competition. The whole family is invited!
Bob Keefer Center
Fridays, 7–8:45 pm
$10 ID/$12 OD
3/13: Canceled
4/10: Register here
5/8: Register here

My First Sports, Tennis: Ages 3-5. Has your child dreamed of Wimbledon? Using a variety of different balls for learning, we’ll focus on skills such as forehands, backhands, volleys, and serves. Parent participation is required in these introductions to athletics. Each participant receives a medal!

Bob Keefer Center
Tuesdays, 4/7–4/28, 10–11 am
$39 ID/ $48 OD. Register here

Bob Keefer Center
Tuesdays, 4/7–4/28, 5:30–6:30 pm
$39 ID/ $48 OD. Register here

Spring Break Tennis Camp: This all-ages and all-levels tennis camp will include fundamentals instruction, games, drills, competition, and use of the world-class ball machine! Key areas of focus will be concentration, effective swings and footwork, competitive strategies, and tons of fun!

Bob Keefer Center
Monday–Friday, 3/23-27, 2–4 pm

Youth Tennis, Beginning: Ages 6-14. This class will help students develop key tennis fundamentals: forehands, backhands, volleys, and serves. In addition, kids will play games, use a ball machine, and learn how to keep score.

Bob Keefer Center
Thursdays, 6–7 pm
$45 ID/$54 OD
4/9-4/30: Register here

Youth Tennis, Intermediate: Ages 6-14. This class will focus on skill improvement, games, strategies, and the use of spin. Using a ball machine and live ball hitting, students will work on the development of consistency and placement.

Bob Keefer Center
Thursdays, 6–7 pm
$45 ID/$54 OD
4/9-4/30: Register here

7th Annual Noah Jefferson Tennis Tournament: All ages. This tournament will include singles, doubles, and mixed double events for all ages and levels.

Bob Keefer Center
Saturday-Sunday, 3/28–29, 10am–3pm & 12pm–6pm

Tennis Lessons

Lessons are open to all experience levels and include fundamentals, drills, rules, positioning, strategy, and games. Our tennis program is headed up by Bob Reed, Tennis Director, 541-543-4245, You choose from the lessons offered based on your skill level and days that are convenient for you.

Private Lessons
Bob Reed, 1 Student: $30 ID/$36 OD per hour
Bob Reed, 2 Students: $35 ID/$42 OD per hour
Setsuko Reed, 1 Student: $20 ID/$24 OD per hour
Setsuko Reed, 2 Students: $25 ID/$30 OD per hour

Group Lessons
Tennis program for all ages and abilities. Drop in or pre-register for any or all of our offerings four days per week.

Daily Enrollment:
We understand that not all group lessons align with everyone’s schedules. If you wish to attend six or fewer lessons per month, this is the most cost-effective. This option allows for flexible registration only on specifically selected days under the enrollment option listed.

Monday/Friday, 10:00-11:30 am: Register here
Tuesday/Thursday, 7:00-8:30 pm: Register here

Monthly Enrollment:
For those wishing to get as much tennis as possible, this option will process registration for every group lesson time for the month under the enrollment option listed.

Monday/Friday, 10:00-11:30 am: Register here
Tuesday/Thursday, 7:00-8:30 pm: Register here
Monday/Friday, 10:00-11:30 am and Tuesday/Thursday, 7:00-8:30 pm: Register here

Meet the Instructors

Bob Reed has been involved with tennis as a player, teacher, coach and/or administrator for more than 50 years. A former ranked tournament player, Bob led his high school to the Washington State Tennis Title and then went on to be a player/coach at the Evergreen State College. Bob has started public tennis programs from Anchorage, Alaska to Springfield, Oregon. In addition, he has coached high school/college tennis for over thirty years. A member of the United States Professional Tennis Association, Bob worked as a tester to help certify players working to earn tennis teacher accreditation. Bob has coached some of the top juniors from the Pacific Northwest at national team events. Since 1990, Bob has worked in Lane County to develop and implement community tennis events in Springfield, Eugene, Junction City, Creswell, and Cottage Grove. Bob also works full-time as a special education teacher at North Eugene High School.
Setsuko Reed has been playing tennis for 30 years and has been teaching tennis for 13 years. She started playing tennis when she lived in Japan and has continued to play since she moved to the United States fifteen years ago. She won some local competitions in Japan and then played USTA league tennis at the 4.0 level.  She has been an assistant coach for the Springfield high school tennis team for the past thirteen years.  She earned the United States Professional Tennis Association P3 certificate in 2013 and has been teaching the Willamalane morning tennis classes for the past nine years. 
Current Classes

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