Wedding Rentals at Willamalane


newly married couple wearing wedding dress and blue suit walking together on the lawn outside the dorris ranch barn.  The interior of the Dorris Ranch barn.  Married couple kissing on the lawn in front of the Dorris Ranch barn. Bridesmaids in colorful skirts line up to the left of the photo; groomsmen in suits line up to the right.  

Rustic Wedding • The Barn at Dorris Ranch

The Barn at Dorris Ranch, with its magical ceiling lights, rough-hewed wooden walls and floors, and gorgeous filtered light is the perfect setting for your rustic wedding. Exchange your vows outside in the adjacent meadow and use the barn for your reception—or the reverse! The Barn has two large doors that open; even when you’re indoors, beautiful views of the fibert orchards are ever-present.

  • Indoor capacity: 50
  • Outdoor capacity: 300
  • Tables and seating for 200 available
  • Six interior electrical outlets
  • Interior ceiling lights
  • New restroom facility
  • Parking capacity: approximately 40
  • Two ADA accessible parking spaces
  • Address: 205 Dorris St., Springfield, OR, 97477

A yellow vintage two-story house on the Dorris Ranch property called Tomseth House  A bride with a bouquet of flowers in front of bay windows in the interior of Tomseth house  Tables with white tablecloths laid out inside of Tomseth House

Vintage Wedding • Tomseth House at Dorris Ranch

Historic Tomseth House is the perfect choice for your vintage wedding. It was built in 1907 and its Victorian charm remains. Vintage details and antiques add a timeless quality to your special day. Details include hardwood floors, a bay window, a dressing room complete with vintage details and a large front porch with a view of green orchards and rolling hills—all in a lush park setting.

  • Indoor capacity: 35
  • Outdoor capacity: 100
  • Tables and seating for 32 available
  • Ground floor included: front room, brides’ dressing room, kitchen, ADA accessible bathroom
  • Kitchen includes stove, microwave, refrigerator, sink
  • Parking capacity: approximately 40
  • One ADA accessible parking space
  • ADA accessible ramp
  • Address: 205 Dorris St., Springfield, OR, 97477

A patio with a large wooden veranda outside the Adult Activity Center.  A ballroom with wooden floor and stage inside the Adult Activity Center.  A commercial kitchen with tile floor and stainless steel countertops and appliances.

Garden Wedding • The Adult Activity Center

Island Park is your backdrop for a verdant garden wedding at the Adult Activity Center. Have your ceremony on the red brick patio framed by a beautiful pergola and your reception in the adjacent McKenzie Room—or the reverse! The Patio is lined with Azaleas, Rhododendrons, and Paperbark Maples; the pergola dons little white lights, and, in the warmer months, Clematis. Kitchen available.

  • McKenzie Room capacity: 120
  • Patio capacity: 150
  • Tables and chairs for 120 available
  • Kitchen includes ovens, warming trays, walk-in freezer, refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, buffet windows opening into McKenzie Room
  • McKenzie Room includes stage, microphones, spotlights
  • Two ADA accessible restrooms with multiple stalls
  • Parking capacity: approximately 75
  • ADA accessible parking
  • Address: 215 W C St., Springfield, OR, 97477

Two large covered pavilions. The roofs are wavy in shape.  A large lawn with a pavilion in the distance.

Parkland Wedding • The Shelters at Lively Park

Surround your ceremony with the beauty and elegance of nature. The Shelters at Lively Park make a dramatic, sculptural, visual statement, reminiscent of an ocean wave; combine this with luxuriant woods and bright green lawns and the stage is set for your stylish, modern, parkland wedding. It’s a perfect place for an outdoor wedding that also offers a little extra glamour.

  • Capacity: 150 per shelter; two shelters available
  • Tables and seating for 150 available
  • Two burner electric cooktop
  • 2’ x 5’ natural gas grill with prep table
  • Stainless steel food prep area with sink
  • Twelve 12’ picnic tables
  • Large wood buffet table with electricity
  • ADA accessible restrooms
  • Parking capacity: approximately 100
  • ADA accessible parking
  • Address: 6100 Thurston Rd., Springfield, OR, 97478

Rental Prices

Rental Packages Prices    
Willamalane Venue • 12-hour Rental  In-district  Out-of-district
Dorris Ranch Package: The Barn, Meadow, and Tomseth House  $2,500  $3,100
Adult Activity Center Package: The Patio, McKenzie Room and Kitchen $1,620 $1,944
Hourly Rental Prices    
Willamalane Venue • Hourly Rates  In-district Out-of-district
The Barn at Dorris Ranch  $250/hour $310/hour
Tomseth House at Dorris Ranch  $150/hour  $180/hour
The Patio at the Adult Activity Center  $45/hour  $55/hour
McKenzie Room at the Adult Activity Center  $70/hour  $85/hour
Commercial Kitchen at the Adult Activity Center  $45/hour $55/hour
The Shelters at Lively Park: One Shelter  $54/hour $61/hour


Rentals at Willamalane
Whether you choose a Package or an Hourly Rental, please remember the following.

  • Learn if in-district or out-of-district prices apply to your event by visiting our district map.
  • Save money! Save $400 on the Dorris Ranch Rental Package price if your event is held on a Sunday.
  • Book your spot at Willamane up to one year in advance.
  • $200 security deposit required.
  • Choose your own caterer, or cater your own event. Alcohol permit required if serving alcohol and additional alcohol attendant fees apply. Visit our website to learn more.
  • Pre-event set up fees are $100; post-event clean up fees are $100. Visit our website to learn more.
  • Live or recorded music is allowed at all Willamalane venues; however any music or loud noise must conclude by 10 p.m. to adhere with Springfield Noise Ordinance.
  • Although these venues are superb for weddings, Willamalane also rents all of these facilities for a variety of other special occasions.

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Dorris Ranch Open Houses
Interested in renting Dorris Ranch for a celebration or event? Come to one of our open houses! Our rental coordinators will be there to demonstrate features, give tours, and answer all your questions.

  • Saturday, Feb. 22, 12–2 p.m.
  • Saturday, March 14, 12–2 p.m.
  • Saturday, April 18, 12–2 p.m.
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