Pool Parties

For parties, meetings, and gatherings of any kind, consider Splash! at Lively Park and Willamalane Park Swim Center! We have a space that’s ideal for your event.

Splash! at Lively Park Party Packages

Information and reservations: 541-736-4244

Whether you’re celebrating a special birthday, throwing a baby or bridal shower, or hosting an after-the-game team party, Splash! at Lively Park is there. Splash! Party Packages include a two-hour reservation of your selected room and 12 admissions to Splash!
  • Community Room: $125 in-district, $150 out-of-district.
  • Party Deck: $100 in-district, $125 out-of-district.
  • Sun Deck: $125 in-district, $150 out-of-district.

Willamalane Park Swim Center Party Package

Information and reservations: 541-736-4080

Great for birthdays, team celebrations, and more! Willamalane Park Swim Center Party Packages include a two-hour reservation of the Party Deck and 12 admissions to Willamalane Park Swim Center.
  • Party Deck: $80 in-district, $100 out-of-district.


Fewer guests than you planned for?
 You will have the option of leaving the unused admissions on your account (they are good for one year from the date of purchase) or we will process a refund for you.

More guests than you planned for? You can add admissions to your account when you arrive.

Unexpected guests? If unexpected guests (not listed on your guest list) arrive, they will need to pay for themselves. They will receive a special discount rate.

What does in-district/out-of-district mean? People who live or own property within Willamalane Park and Recreation District’s boundaries support Willamalane with their tax dollars, and so they enjoy lower program costs. Not sure if you're in-district? Check the district map here.
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