Willamalane Announces Changes to Mask Procedures
Changes are effective Friday, June 4, along with Moderate Risk Changes

Willamalane announces changes to mask procedures after thorough review of Oregon Health Authority's
updated guidance about mask and physical distancing requirements. These changes will take effect Friday, June 4, when Lane County moves to Moderate Risk. 

Mask Procedure Change
Face coverings and physical distancing requirements will no longer be required indoors at Willamalane for those who are fully vaccinated. For patrons, vaccination status must be verified by Willamalane staff. For staff, vaccination status must be verified by Willamalane’s Human Resources department. 

“For those who wish to no longer wear a mask or maintain physical distancing, patrons and staff can bring a vaccination card as proof of vaccination status. A copy or digital photo will also be accepted,” said Michael Wargo, Willamalane Superintendent. 

If a patron or staff member is unvaccinated, or unable or would prefer not to verify vaccination status, they must wear a mask and maintain required physical distancing while indoors. Willamalane is not requiring or requesting vaccination status for employees or patrons. All vaccination status disclosures will be voluntary. 

Face coverings will still be required for youth programs including preschool programs, afterschool programs, camps, and classes. Willamalane will still require participants and staff members supporting these programs to wear face coverings, regardless of vaccination status.

Masks have not been required at Willamalane outdoor spaces since May 19. 

Risk Category Changes
The Lane County move from high risk level to moderate risk level, also brings other changes to recreation facilities. Capacity at all facilities will be increased beginning Friday, June 4. Facility hours will remain unchanged for now. 

As Lane County inches closer to a 65% vaccination rate and stable low risk status, Willamalane looks forward to increasing activity, pool, and event capacities and removing pre-registration and other requirements. 
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