Willamalane to Hold Arbor Day Tree Planting

Willamalane Park and Recreation District is partnering with the City of Springfield, Springfield Public Schools, Springfield Utility Board, and US Bank to plant nine trees on Arbor Day, Friday, April 30. Staff and volunteers will plant the trees at Island Park, Guy Lee Park, and Volunteer Park

The Arbor Day planting aligns with Oregon’s recent Arbor Month proclamation. Governor Brown recognized tree-filled parks and natural areas as “places of respite, joy, spiritual renewal, exercise, and social impact” which have  “...a positive impact on mental health and community resilience.” 

Willamalane selected three tree species symbolizing the following: 

  • Blue Spruces represent resilience. Spruce trees resist harsh wintry temperatures, staying green when other trees go dormant. Springfield has remained resilient against the challenges of the last 13 months, too.

  • Magnolias represent perseverance. Magnolias have survived as a species for about 95 million years, seeing other species and geologic events come and go. Likewise, Springfield perseveres against one of the most socially, economically, and environmentally difficult years of our lifetimes.

  • Katsuras represent family. Katsuras have heart-shaped leaves and produce a sweet sugar smell in the fall, reminding us of the compassion and care we have relied on over the last year. 

Michael Wargo, Superintendent for Willamalane Park and Recreation District, noted the symbolism inherent in this planting. “This Arbor Day, Willamalane and its partners recognize the spirit of our community,” he said. “The last 13 months have shown that as a community, we can support each other despite the challenges and obstacles put in our path.”

Each tree will be marked with a special Arbor Day 2021 tag, signed by the volunteers who helped to plant the tree. All trees were purchased using a donation from US Bank. 

For more information about the Arbor Day planting, contact Kenny Weigandt, Community Engagement Manager for Willamalane Park and Recreation District, at 541-736-4531.

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