Statement Regarding Rally at Lively Park

This Sunday, a group rented Lively Park’s pavilions for a political rally. This was not an event organized by Willamalane, however as Willamalane supports free speech and the right to peacefully assemble, we coordinated with event organizers to use the park and parking lot. In addition, Willamalane worked with several local partners in preparation for the event, including the City of Springfield, Springfield Police Department, and Lane County Elections. The event organizers did secure a rental contract that included clearly outlined park rules and strongly encouraged COVID-19 restrictions. Extra considerations were established in the contract to ensure unobstructed voter access to the ballot box in the parking lot of Splash! at Lively Park. This contract was reviewed by legal counsel. 

During the event, Willamalane established a secure path to the ballot box and had staff onsite to monitor the event. Staff, including Willamalane Superintendent Michael Wargo, were on site and monitored the gathering. They were prepared to report any impacts to the park, facilities, ballot box, or our patrons. Willamalane staff saw no instances of obstructing access to or intimidation at the ballot box during the event. 

If community members have direct concerns about access to voting, they can report those concerns to their local law enforcement agency as quickly as possible. Lane County Elections works closely with the law enforcement agencies in Lane County and all are an integral part of ensuring voters in Lane County are able to participate in the democratic process unimpeded.

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