June Growing Tips from Master Gardener Dan

This month, your garden will really start to take off! Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your garden.

Get transplants in the ground

If you have not done so yet, it is the perfect time to get those transplants in the ground.  I usually am planting my tomatoes and peppers outdoors starting in June.  It is still not too late to start seeds; I had slugs eat my pepper starts, so I just planted a couple more trays.

Keep your plants watered
As the rain begins to taper off, it is important to continue to water or keep the soil moist.  Have you ever walked through a forest on a hot summer day and found that the forest floor is usually cool and moist? That is due to the canopy.  I try and create a canopy with my crops.  Dense planting can help keep moisture in the soil by creating shade on the soil.  This helps retain moisture and keep weeds at bay.  

Another useful tip is to use unwanted cardboard at the base of your plants.  It will keep in moisture, keep weeds from growing, and become food for beneficial insects such as worms.  It is a win/win.  I also check under the cardboard every once in a while with it is hot out and collect all the slugs that have gathered, because they like cool moist areas.

Harvest time
My strawberries, lettuce, spinach, and various leafy greens are ready to be harvested.  When I harvest my lettuce, I usually cut them and allow them to grow back. However, once the begin to bolt (grow very tall), the taste gets bitter and I rip them out and fed them to the animals or compost. If I want more seeds, I allow them to flower and save the seeds.

Early spring fermentation
I have been harvesting tons of radishes and have made several batches of pickles and fermented radishes. It is a great way to preserve that spring bounty of crops.  Check out YouTube for recipes or cool ideas on what to do with your extra crops.

Keep things fertilized and watch your garden grow.   Happy gardening!

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