Youth Spotlight: Isabella Morales

Middle school wearing tie dye dress sitting and putting on roller skates. Her name is Isabella Morales.Isabella Morales goes way back with us: When she was at Riverbend elementary, she took part in Kids Club and did soccer, volleyball, and basketball in After-School All-Stars. In 2018, she graduated into Camp Venture and Two50 Youth Center.

Isabella said Camp Venture was a great time. “It was really fun going different places, meeting new friends, and spending time with different people,” she said. “We went on a jet boat in Portland, we went to the fair, we went swimming in different lakes. We would go on hikes and on really long bus rides.”

As an Agnes Stewart Middle School student, she gets free entry into Two50 Youth Center and attends every week. She likes hanging out with friends, playing foosball and Just Dance, and roller skating. Her favorite song on Just Dance? “Single Ladies.” Beyoncé is always a group favorite.

Isabella has a tight friend group she likes to spend time with after school. They’re fans of speeding around on roller skates. Isabella takes care to avoid colliding with her friends or running into walls or other obstacles. She has a pro tip for would-be skaters: “Sometimes the laces are really long,” she says. “You can double knot them and then tuck them back into the shoes, and then you won’t trip.”

—Jodie Delsere

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