Willamalane seeks public input to name a new park
Submit park name ideas by Friday, June 12

A new park is coming to north Springfield in the fall of 2022! Willamalane Park and Recreation District is seeking public input to select a name for the new park. 

Provide your suggested park name, a short explanation of why you chose it, and any relevant background information supporting your idea. Willamalane representatives hope the new name will reflect the park location, amenities, and what it will offer to the community. Nominations are open until June 12. Community members can submit park names at willamalane.org/name

After nominations, a selection committee will pick three finalists, and then the district will open up a final community vote from June 20-July 1. 

Willamalane Parks, Planning, and Facilities Director Eric Adams said, “Public engagement is critical in developing new community parks. We want to make sure the name reflects the community as well, and that's why we're opening submissions to all community members." 

The park will be located at 2500 Otto Street, behind Briggs Middle School along the EWEB Path in North Springfield. It will include a new playground, a bicycle playground and skills course, a picnic shelter, walking paths, a basketball court, natural landscaping and trees, benches, and bike racks.
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