Seven Ways to Move in 2022

New year, new ways to move! As you make fitness plans for 2022 here are seven options to keep you active and well in Springfield.

1. Get a free membership for the month of January

Willamalane’s splashiest member offer of the year is happening now: new ALL-ACCESS Members who sign up in January get the month for free! ALL-ACCESS members get tons of perks, such as:

  • Unlimited access to fitness centers during operating hours
  • Unlimited access to swimming during operating hours
  • Unlimited group exercise and water fitness classes
  • Discounts on select activities
See the full list of benefits here. The sooner you sign up, the more days you have to take advantage of the free membership!

2. Hike Your Way on your own or with a team

Explore local trails, take in nature’s beauty, and establish your place on a community leaderboard! Hike Your Way is a great way to create hours of family fun and build camaraderie within your community. Hikers receive fun gifts, a secret list of trails, and instructions on how to place on the leaderboard.
Learn more here.

3. Pursue fitness at home with a Virtual Pass

If your best workouts happen from home, here’s a great option: join some exciting, engaging group exercise classes online! Virtual Passes are an inexpensive option to join in group exercise favorites such as Active Exercise, Dance Fitness, Hatha Yoga and more. Virtual Passes are $20 in-district, $24 out-of-district.
Learn more here.

4. Hit the gym and go for a swim at Willamalane Park Swim Center

New to Willamalane Park Swim Center: a fitness center that contains cardio and strength equipment for a well-rounded workout. This is one of the only places in Springfield where you can lift weights, use an elliptical, swim laps, and relax in the spa all in the same visit.
Learn more here.

5. Find your weekend flow with new Saturday yoga classes

Let the work week go and focus on yourself with flowing Vinyasa Yoga at 9 a.m., or center your mind and body Hatha Yoga at noon every Saturday. It's the perfect time for self-care!
See the class schedule here.

6. Be nice to your knees with a run at Shana’s Trail
Treat your knees to a gentle run at a new, 800-meter (half-mile) running track! Shana’s Trail is composed of the same specially applied aggregate and bark that makes Pre’s Trail a popular destination for runners. Start your loop at the parking lot at the east end of Willamalane Park Swim Center. Learn more here.

7. Try a favorite class in a convenient location

Three of Willamalane’s most popular group exercise classes are expanding their reach into satellite and virtual facilities! You can try Active Exercise, Strong Bones Strong Body, and Better Bones and Balance one of three ways:
  1. In person at Willamalane Adult Activity Center, with instructor Cindy O’Brien in the room.
  2. In person at Bob Keefer Center, where the class will be live-streamed. This is a great option for those living further east, and those looking for a quieter workout experience!
  3. Virtually from home or wherever is convenient. Stream the class to your desktop for a more private workout experience!
See the class schedule here.
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