Group Exercise Classes

Willamalane’s group exercise program includes a variety of cardio, strength, and flexibility classes. In-person and virtual options are available. Most class formats have modifications to accommodate all different levels of fitness. Please let your instructor know if you are new to class so they can offer you options.

Interested in a group water fitness class? Go here.


Special outdoor summer fitness class!

Sunset Yoga
This outdoor beginner’s yoga class is a tranquil way to end a day, happening each Wednesday this summer!

Dorris Ranch Barn
$5 in-district, $6 out-of-district
Wednesdays, June 23 - August 18, 6-7 p.m.
Register here

Virtual Fitness Classes

Connect with select group exercise classes, instructors, and workout buddies without leaving home! 

Get a sampling of what the online fitness classes are like with these videos recorded by Willamalane instructors. Most class formats have modifications to accommodate all different levels of fitness. Please let your instructor know if you are new to class so they can offer you options.

Pricing: Virtual Fitness is included in your ALL-ACCESS Membership or Corporate Membership. Renew Active and Silver Sneakers accept Virtual Fitness classes, but Silver and Fit is not accepting Virtual Fitness classes. 

How it works: After you purchase an ALL-ACCESS Membership, you’ll receive an email within one business day. This email will include the full class schedule for the month. You’ll want to save this schedule as it will give you access to all classes that month. You'll receive a new schedule at the start of each month. Here are some tips on how to join a Virtual Fitness class.


  • Sunset Yoga moved to Adult Activity Center Patio on August 4.

Class Descriptions


Active Exercise: Realize your fitness goals with aerobics, stretching, flexibility, and strength training in one class. Standing and floor exercises.  Equipment: Mat, dumbbells, bands, 9 inch ball. Instructor: Cindy.

Beginning Line Dance:  Line dancing is a fun and aerobic style of social dance that’s perfect for the beginner mover or the more experienced dancer. Line dancing challenges both body and brain with patterns of footwork that combine into dynamic choreography danced to many different styles of music.  Instructor:  Lila

Cardio Line Dance: Traditional line dance meets cardio fitness in this unique class. Geared for those who want a low-intensity cardio workout while having a blast learning choreography, all while moving to a wide range of musical genres.  Instructor:  Lila

Dance Fitness I: Love your workout with this combination of dance and fitness moves for serious fun. Dance yourself fit to pop, jazz, Latin, jive, Bollywood, and more, with this low-intensity class! Instructor: Linda Tuesdays and Thursdays, Lila Mondays and Fridays.

Move & Stretch: This class will consist of 50-55 minutes of movin' & stretchin'! We'll start with a mild Barre (using a chair) warm-up, move into some medium intensity Dance cardio and finish up with a deep relaxing Stretch. This class is the perfect way to get a workout in that feels fun & not like work.  Instructor:  Chelsea


Better Bones and Balance:
Enjoy floor exercises and strength training in this evidence-based class from Oregon State University that’s designed to help prevent osteopenia and osteoporosis. This advanced class is the next level after Strong Bones Strong Body. Standing and floor exercises.  Equipment:  Mat, dumbbells, bands, 9-inch ball. Instructor: Cindy

Core Yoga: Strengthen and build awareness of your core muscles, with this core-focused yoga class. Designed for students looking for more challenges or for those with some yoga experience. § Equipment:  Mat.  Instructor: Celina

Nia Floor Play: Combine the strength, flexibility, and discipline of yoga with the creativity of modern dance and a dollop of personal expression. Learn to be playful while you are using your own body weight to gain strength and build bone. Equipment: Mat. Instructor: Janet Hollander

Stability Ball Strength & Balance: A whole-body workout using a stability ball with a focus on agility and balance.  Equipment: Stability Ball, dumbbells, resistance bands, and a mat.  Instructor: Linda

Strength and Stretch: A whole-body strength and stretch workout incorporating standing, chair, and floor exercises.  Equipment:  dumbbells, bands, 9-inch ball, and mat.  Instructor:  Linda 

Strong Bones, Strong Body:
Learn to enhance your bone strength, improve balance, and increase strength and energy. Exercises based on bone research are adjusted to your ability level. Those diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia are strongly encouraged to attend. Standing and chair exercises.  Equipment:  Dumbbells, bands, 9-inch ball.  Instructor: Cindy

WARRIOR Strength™ : Cardio + Lifting, WARRIOR Strength™ is for all levels and all types who want to sweat and feel their muscles burn! With playlists that literally rock this class is a one-of-a-kind endorphin rush! Equipment: mat, towel, dumbbells, optional - kettlebell and sliders.   Instructor: Becky

Flexibility & Balance

Condition and strengthen your body with classic barre training. A form of dancer training, barre uses ballet movements and stretches to create lean muscle and increase flexibility. Equipment:  Mat, dumbbells, bands. Instructor: Linda

Silver Sneakers Yoga: This gentle yoga class is a fusion of yoga styles and will be done in a chair with some standing poses and flows. Reduce stress, increase flexibility, and improve balance and mental clarity.  Instructor:  Linda 

Strength in Movement: This class focuses on your range of motion, breathing, balance, posture, strengthening, flexibility, and mindfulness—essential for mobility. Equipment: mat, foam roller. Instructor:  Celina

Stretch and Roll: Increase flexibility and improve joint health with this stretching myofascial foam rolling class. Equipment:  Mat, foam roller, 2 inch ball for foot work.  Instructor: Linda 

Tai Chi: Join us for Tai Chi to improve balance, reduce stress and gain more flexibility. The class will teach beginners and give current practitioners a new perspective to enjoy group practice. Instructor: Linda

Vinyasa Yoga: This flow yoga class is tailored for beginners and all levels can participate and go at their own pace. Feel good in your body and learn to be mindful of your breath. Equipment:  Mat. Instructor: Megan

Warrior Rhythm™: Fitness-focused with yoga undertones, this class increases strength, flexibility, and balance.  Get ready to sweat to heart-pounding beats!  Equipment: mat, towel, dumbbells, resistance bands/loops and kettlebells. Can be barefoot or wear shoes.  Instructor: Becky

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