Group Exercise & Dance Classes

In-person group exercise classes are closed. Instead, try Fitness at Home — it's the classes you love in the safety and comfort of your home!

Willamalane’s group exercise program includes a variety of cardio, strength, and flexibility classes. Most class formats have modifications to accommodate all different levels of fitness. Please let your instructor know if you are new to class so they can offer you options.


  • In-person group exercise classes are canceled.
  • No classes on 5/31.

Class Descriptions


Active Exercise: Realize your fitness goals with aerobics, stretching, flexibility and strength training in one class. Instructor: Cindy

Dance Fitness I: Love your workout with this combination of dance and fitness moves for serious fun. Dance yourself fit to pop, jazz, Latin, jive, Bollywood and more, with this low intensity class! Instructor: Linda

Move & Stretch: This class will consist of 50-55 minutes of movin' & stretchin'! We'll start with a mild Barre (using a chair) warm up, move into some medium intensity Dance cardio and finish up with a deep relaxing Stretch. This class is the perfect way to get a workout in that feels fun & not like work.  Instructor:  Chelsea

Silver Sneakers: Move to the music through exercises designed to increase strength, range of movement and activities for daily living. Instructor: Linda


Better Bones and Balance:
Enjoy floor exercises and strength training in this evidence-based class from Oregon State University that’s designed to help prevent osteopenia and osteoporosis. This advanced class is the next level after Strong Bones Strong Body. Instructor: Cindy

Bootcamp: Are you looking for a challenge? Ready to get stronger while toning and sculpting your body? This class is a combination of strength and resistance training adding in some cardio to spike your heart rate. You will sweat, push through barriers and feel great! Recommended equipment: weights, resistance loops, sliders, core ball, and a yoga mat. Instructor: Jessica

Core Yoga: Strengthen and build awareness of your core muscles, with this core-focused yoga class. Designed for students looking for more challenge or for those with some yoga experience.  Instructor:  Celina

Stability Ball Strength & Balance: A whole body workout using a stability ball, dumbbells, and resistance bands with a focus on balance.  Instructor:  Linda

Stability Ball Strength & Stretch: Whole-body focus using a stability ball, dumbbells, and your body.  Ending class with a 10-15 minute whole body stretch.  Instructor:  Michelle

Strength Revolution: This full body work out is designed to scorch calories while increasing strength and endurance. You'll work head to toe through cardio, lower body strength, upper body and core exercises. This classes uses weights and yoga mat.  Instructor:  Jessica

Strong Bones, Strong Body: Learn to enhance your bone strength, improve balance, and increase strength and energy. Exercises based on bone research are adjusted to your ability level. Those diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia are strongly encouraged to attend. Instructor: Cindy

Flexibility & Balance

24 Form Tai Chi: Demystified the most popular Tai Chi 24 moves Form. We will focus on one move with basic footwork, including the trunk, then the arms.  For those who have learned the sequence already, we are going deeper than just the move to nuances that will enhance your Tai Chi experience. Instructor:  Lin Lin

Condition and strengthen your body with classic barre training. A form of dancer training, barre uses ballet movements and stretches to create lean muscle and increase flexibility. Instructor: Linda

Classical Mat Pilates: This challenging Classical Pilates Mat Class focuses on core stability, strength, posture, proper breath control, and flexibility.  This class will help with strengthening, stretching, and balancing of the body.  Please have a mat, towel, or blanket available and join the fun! Instructor: Julie

Move for Enjoyment: Jazzy!  Showy!  Whimsical!  A musical class for fun-loving movers.  Instructor:  Lin Lin

Pilates for a Better Body: The Pilates method will focus on a range of motion, breathing, balance, posture, strengthening, and flexibility. Incorporating the breath with mindful movement is essential for mobility. Bring a mat to class. Instructor: Julie. 

Stretch and Roll: Increase flexibility and improve joint health with this stretching myofascial foam rolling class. Appropriate for all ability levels. Instructor: Linda

Tai Chi: Join us for Tai Chi to improve balance, reduce stress and gain more flexibility. Class will teach beginners and give current practitioners a new perspective to enjoy group practice. Instructor: Linda

Tai Chi for Balance: Improve balance, strength, fitness, and focus with these classic movements. Please have a sturdy armless chair available for use. Instructor: Lin Lin

Vinyasa Yoga: This flow yoga class is tailored for beginners and all levels can participate and go at their own pace. Feel good in your body and learn to be mindful of your breath. Instructor: Megan

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