Private Swim Lessons

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Private and Semi-private Lessons: Ages 3–12. Starfish private and semi-private lessons are available at select time slots during our regular group lessons, as well as during non-group lesson times. If you would like a private or semi-private lesson, please call and submit a request form at least two weeks prior to your desired start date. You must have at least two students in order to request a semi-private lesson. Call 541-736-4080 to sign up.

Private lessons: $30 ID/$40 OD per 30-minute class
Semi-private lessons: $15 ID/$20 OD per child per 30-minute class

Private Adult Swim Skill Development: Ages 13+, all skill levels. Whether you’re going on a vacation by the sea or training for a triathlon, Willamalane instructors can help you learn the skills you need. Willamalane offers both private and semiprivate lessons by certified Starfish Aquatics instructors. Call or drop in to either facility to submit a request sheet. Requests should be submitted at least two weeks prior to desired start date. Call 541-736-4080 to sign up.

Private lessons:  $30 ID/$40 OD per 30-min. class
Semi-private lessons: $15 ID/$20 OD  per person (2-person minimum) 

 Swim Development for Teens: Ages 13–18. This group class teaches the fundamental skills needed to be successful in the water. Participants will learn skills ranging from floating to forward movement. Call 541-736-4080 to sign up.

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