Pre-School Age Swim Lessons

Pre-School 1
No prerequisite
Beginning swimmers will learn how to become comfortable in the water through interactive skills including assisted front and back floats, kicks, and progressive submersion.
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Pre-school 2
Prerequisite: student is comfortable in the water; can submerge underwater with bubble bobs or jumps; can perform front and back starfish floats with assistance.
Students who are comfortable in the water will learn how to float on their front and back unassisted. They will learn how to safely jump into the pool and recover to the wall independently.
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Pre-school 3
Prerequisite: student can perform starfish front and back floats unassisted; beginning kicks with floats; can jump in, recover for air, and grab the wall.
Students who have accomplished their basic starfish floats will progress into learning the streamline body position. Forward movement using kicks and glides will be learned in this level.
Students will begin to practice body position change by rolling
from one float to another.
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