Exercise On Your Own

Exercise On Your Own is canceled through March 16. For more information, see willamalane.org/alerts.

Do you prefer to work out on your own and not in a structured class? Our Exercise On Your Own schedule is just what you need!
Lockers and towels are available to rent at both facilities. Each facility has a large adult spa for relaxing and rewarding yourself after you're done!

Splash! at Lively Park
Splash! at Lively Park has two different pools for Exercise On Your Own:

  • The shallow and deep water of the wave pool provides a great environment for using either depth desired in 86-degree water. Easily accessible from the beach at zero depth. Waves are NOT on for exercise time.
  • A six-lane lap pool at 84 degrees that is available for lap swim and water walking and easily entered by wide stairs with a handrail. The depth is 4 to 5 feet.

Splash! Calendar

Willamalane Park Swim Center
Willamalane Park Swim Center offers three different pools for Exercise On Your Own:

  • A warm and shallow-water pool that is gently sloped from 3 to 5 feet deep and is a warm 88 degrees. It has an easy entry ramp into the pool, and there’s an in-water handrail to provide stability for those needing extra support. This pool is perfect for water walking, exercising and therapy.
  • A deep-water pool that is a great environment for deep water exercise and deep water running in 83-degree water. The wide and easy entry stairs make the pool easily accessible.
  • An eight-lane lap pool that is available for horizontal exercise at 83 degrees and is 5 to 6 feet deep.

Willamalane Park Swim Center Calendar


Ages 16+. Relax and enjoy the health benefits of soaking in our large, easy access spas. The spas at each facility are available whenever the swim centers are open. Both have easy access stairs and are kept at 101 degrees.

How do I pay for Exercise On Your Own? 
We're glad you asked! Our Willamalane ALL-ACCESS Membership is your one-pass, everything-you-could-possibly-need, unlimited option. It's our best deal for folks who are serious about their fitness and health, and a solid choice for folks who want to dabble in a little of everything. Click here for more information. 

We also have a few other options for paying for your classes. If you have wellness benefits through your health insurance policy, see our Silver Benefits Pass. For all other pricing options, check here.

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