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Willamalane offers a variety of outdoor event rentals for individual, family, community, and business use. To rent any of these facilities and amenities, please visit our rentals page unless otherwise noted below.


You can also call us at 541-736-4570 or email us at

Please note: We will not be permitting rentals until March 1, 2021. You may request rentals that will occur after that date. Additional rules, capacity limits, sport limitations, and more apply due to COVID-19 guidelines. Please review our policies and state guidelines. All rentals are required to submit a plan that supports these guidelines. 

Park Shelters 

Lively Park Pavilions

The Lively Park Pavilions are adjacent to Splash! at Lively Park, Willamalane’s premiere indoor water park in the Thurston area of Springfield. The pavilions at Lively Park are adjacent to large playground at Lively Park as well. Call 541-736-4244 for Lively Park Pavilion rental information.

Address: 6100 Thurston Road, Springfield, Oregon

Capacity: 150 per pavillion
Pricing: $54 ID/ $61 OD per pavillion
Amenities: Pavilions are included with electric cooktops, food prep areas and natural gas barbecues.
Please note that the Lively Park Pavilions unavailable to rent until March 1.

Island Park Shelters

Island Park borders the Willamette River and the towering trees and grassy hillocks present a lush and inviting view. The North and South shelters are available for reservations. Full park rentals are available for exclusive use and large-scale events.

 Address:  200 W. B St., Springfield, Oregon
Capacity: 100
Pricing: $20 ID/ $25 OD per pavillion
Amenities: The park features picnic tables, restrooms, drinking fountains, electricity, and a playground. Stage is available when renting the north shelter, for an additional cost.
Please note that the Island Park Shelters are unavailable to rent until March 1.

Meadow Park Shelter

Meadow Park's picnic shelter is in a bustling park, adjacent to a playground.  Great for kids' birthday parties, near the center of downtown Springfield.

Address:  854 Mill Street, Springfield, Oregon
Capacity: 30
Pricing: $15 ID/ $20 OD per pavillion
Amenities: Three permanent picnic tables.
Please note that the Meadow Park Shelter is unavailable to rent until March 1.

Dorris Ranch Barn

Surrounded by open pastures and filbert orchard groves, the Dorris Ranch Barn is part of a historic farm. The rustic setting and spacious natural grounds make the Dorris Ranch Barn perfect for family celebrations, weddings, or business gatherings. The renovated 1892 barn retains all the charm of its historic origins while providing modern conveniences such as electrical outlets, water, benches, and tables.

Address: 205 Dorris Street, Springfield, Oregon
Capacity: 40 indoor, an additional 300 outside
Pricing: $250 ID/ $310 OD.  Additional wedding packages also available.
Amenities: Rustic setting, electricity, water, restrooms.

Park Rentals

Green Space
Green space rentals are perfect when you want to use space in our parks but do not intend on having exclusive use of a Willamalane park or whole location. This option is great for individuals looking to host small gatherings, exercise classes, or recurring events that do not require special licenses or large groups of people but guarantee spots available.
Pricing: $25 ID/ $30 OD.  

Island Park

Island Park
borders the Willamette River and the towering trees and grassy hillocks present a lush and inviting view. Full park rentals are available for exclusive use and large-scale events. Renters can rent just park shelters and the stage for a lower cost.  

Address:  200 W. B Street, Springfield, Oregon
Pricing: Details vary. Full park and half park options available.

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