Outdoor Gear Rentals

Want to explore the outdoors and go on an adventure? Come to Bob Keefer Center to rent outdoor gear for summer adventures. Renting: river tubes, inflatable kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and camping gear. If applicable, rentals come with safety gear.

Water Gear  Daily rate 
Inflatable kayak - tandem  $45 ID/$54 OD 
Inflatable kayak - single  $35 ID/$42 OD 
Inflatable stand-up paddleboard  $40 ID/$48 OD 
Inflatable inner tube (4-hr rental) $8 ID/$10 OD 
Dry bag - 25 liter  $5 ID/$6 OD 
Snow Gear  
Snowshoes (poles included) $10 ID/$12 OD
Gaiters $8 ID/$10 OD
Poles $6 ID/$8 OD


Camping Gear  Daily rate 
Tent - 2 person  $12 ID/$15 OD 
Tent - 4 person  $15 ID/$18 OD 
Sleeping bag  $12 ID/$15 OD 
Sleeping pads  $8 ID/$10 OD 
Camp stove  $14 ID/$17 OD 
Sleep package - 2 person
Tent, 2 sleeping bags and pads 
$49 ID/$59 OD 

Must be 18 years or older to rent. Deposit required. Equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. For more info or for multi-day reservations, contact Adam Martell at 541-736-4053.

Looking for Outdoor Adventures? Go here for youth and go here for adults.

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