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Willamalane Park and Recreation District maintains and operates sports venues, event spaces, and facilities in Springfield, Oregon. Willamalane offers venues for birthday parties, weddings, graduation parties, quiceañera celebrations, baby showers, and sporting and events rentals. 

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Due to statewide COVID-19 guidance, many modifications are required for outdoor recreation rentals. At this time, our outdoor recreation rentals are offered to structured recreation groups who meet or exceed Oregon Health Authority Guidelines. 

Currently Permitted Rentals
  1. Basic Rental: Requires a 72-hour notice.
    Great for events that have fewer than 8 people, no alcohol, and less than two hours of rental time.
  2. Contract Rental: Requires a 30-day notice.
    Great for recreation groups, clubs, sporting events, and structured recreation events that meet or exceed Oregon Health Authority Guidelines


You can also call us at 541-736-4570 or email us at

Currently, we are only booking rentals that meet the current Oregon Health Authority Guidance for Social Gathering or Recreation. We stay active and involved in the changing guidelines. We seek to be partners with agencies to plan and implement any relevant Oregon Health Authority Guidelines. We are committed to making informed rental agreements with your organization.

Want to find out what category your rental fits into? Contact us at
Our focus remains on the safety of our community and includes the well-being and health of our patrons and staff. You will receive follow-up communication regarding your rental request through email.

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Interested in renting? Please fill out this form. Please note we are requiring all rentals to meet current Oregon Health Authority framework requirements.



Why do I have to follow the guidelines?

At Willamalane Park and Recreation District, we must do everything in our power to follow the guidelines provided by the state and local public agencies. We need your help to stay open and safely provide these facilities and services. 

I saw someone not following the guidelines. What should I do?
Please report this incident by calling 541-736-4275 or visiting The appropriate people will investigate. Please include any and all information about the incident you witnessed. 

Are spectators allowed for sports?

At this time, we do not allow spectators during indoor athletic practices or games. Patrons not actively engaged in athletics or coaching on our courts will be asked to exit the facility.

How are you keeping rentals safe?

Every rental group provides Willamalane with a COVID-19 mitigation plan that will be approved by our team prior to the rental being booked. The health and safety of our community is our top priority and we will continue to be selective with our rental approvals.
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