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Our gift shop specializes in beautiful handcrafted items created by community artisans at unbeatable prices. As a consignment shop, your purchase helps to support both the artisans and the Adult Activity Center. The in-person gift shop is currently closed due to the freeze, but you can still browse the store online!

  1. Browse the items below to see if there's something you'd like.
  2. Call us at 541-736-4444 to place an order and pay.
  3. You may either arrange a pick-up at the Adult Activity Center, or pay an additional $3-$5 for shipping depending on item size and weight.

November Featured Items

Three patterned kerchiefs that can slip onto a pet collarBest Friend's Collar Kerchief
Your pet can sport a snazzy look when you slip one of these stylish kerchiefs on their collar. Each kerchief is reversible, so you can get two looks from one kerchief! Many colors and patterns are available. Collar not included.

Price: $3-$7 each.

Cat mats in assorted patterns and colorsPaw-sitive Vibes Cat Mat
Cat owners know that kitties love to nap in some of the strangest places, like piles of laundry and cardboard box. Cat mats are both soft and rectangular, so they're the best of both worlds!

Price: $6 each, assorted patterns.

Three colorfully patterned small toys filled with catnipKitty Craze Catnip Toys
What is it about catnip that gives a kitty the zoomies? These toys inject a jolt of excitement to your cat's day, and they'll get some great exercise as they bat the toy around.

Price: $1.50 each.

Three stacks of colorfully patterned bowl koozies. The first stack has a bowl inside.Hot Soup, Cool Fingers Bowl Koozie
These koozies protect your hands from a hot soup bowl, and also insulate the bowl so it stays warmer, longer!

Price: $7 each. Assorted reversible patterns.

Two pot holders with brownie mix and a silicone spatula tucked insideBaked with Love Oven Mitts
Each mitt comes complete with a sweet saying, a silicone spatula, and mix for a baked treat!

Price: $9. Assorted colors and sayings.

Several plush mats that can be velcroed together to form a tube which can be used to cushion seat beltsSafe and Soft Seat Belt Covers
Seat belts: awesome. Chafing, rubbing, or squishing feelings that seat belts can inflict on your neck and chest: not awesome. These soft seat belt covers solve the issue in style!

Price: $5. Assorted colors and patterns. Reversible!

Holiday-themed half apronHome for the Holidays Half Apron
Cook and bake with the spirit of the season. This festive half apron has spacious pockets to hold your kitchen tools.

Price: $20. Reversible!

Smock with butterfly patteronFlavorful Fun Smocks
Protect your clothing with personality! The thrills and spills of the kitchen are no match for these colorful, easy-to-clean smocks.

Price: $10. Floral and animal prints.

Smock with woodland creatures pattern

Child-size reversible apron in pink patternsLittle Helper Children's Aprons
Cook up some sweet moments with the kiddos in the kitchen. These colorful aprons will protect their clothing as they create their own kitchen concoction.

Price: $20 pink, $15 blue. Both are reversible!

Child-size reversible apron in blue patterns

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