Free Social Opportunities

Add friendship to life's great joys when you attend our free social gatherings!

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Hand Quilting: Ages 50+. Experienced hand quilters work on pieced tops for community members as a Willamalane Adult Activity Center fundraiser. Quilters that are new to hand quilting are encouraged to come and learn more. For inquiries, call 541-736-4444.

Tuesdays  9am–12pm  Free 

Coffee Bar: Ages 50+. Grab a coffee or tea, then sit down, relax, read the paper, or meet new friends. Presented by PacificSource.

Monday–Friday 8:30am–3pm 50 cents/cup

Knotty Knitters: Ages 50+. From beginners to experts, all knitters, crocheters, and fiber lovers are welcome to join.

Thursdays 1–4pm Free

Lounge Activities: Ages 50+. Experienced volunteers facilitatecard games, coloring, plastic canvas, and knitting in the lounge. 

Tuesdays  9:30–11:30am  Free 
Wednesdays  9:30–11:30am  Free 
Thursdays  9:30–11:30am Free 

Old-Time Music Afternoon: Guitar player and singer Bruce McLennan returns to play old-time melodies. Tap your toes, sing along, or dance to your favorites.

3/13 Friday  11:30–1pm  Free 
4/10 Friday  11:30–1pm  Free 
5/8 Friday  11:30–1pm  Free 

Puzzles: Ages 50+. Calling all puzzle fans. Our puzzle table is free and available to anyone who wants to join in. Puzzles can also be checked out to take home.

Mondays–Thursdays 8:30am–9pm  Free 
Fridays 8:30am–5pm  Free 

Rosie Riveters: Ages 50+. The American Rosie the Riveter Association seeks to recognize and preserve the history and legacy of World War II-era working women, including volunteer women, and promote fellowship among these women and their descendants.

2nd Friday of each month  12:30–2:30pm  $5 

Whippets Walking Group: Ages 50+. Moderate to brisk one-hour walks through the park, rain or shine. Free to join, newcomers welcome.

Tuesdays & Thursdays  8:30am  Free 

Willama-Library Book Club: Ages 18+. Book club meetings are free and open to the public. Call 541-726-3766 for current book list.

Tuesdays 10:30am–12pm Free 

Coffee With... Series: Ages 50+. All are invited to have coffee with a public employee of the City of Springfield or Willamalane. Free coffee is available in the lounge during the program. This is an opportunity for public service employees and community members that they serve to come together — over coffee — to discuss issues and learn more about each other

1/28 Tuesday 10:45–11:30am Free
2/25 Tuesday 10:45–11:30am Free
3/31 Tuesday 10:45–11:30am Free
4/28 Tuesday 10:45–11:30am Free


Movie Appreciation Group

Ages 50+. Movies start at 1 p.m. on Wednesdays and are free. A brief introduction will precede each film followed by an informal discussion. No movies in July or August; join us in September for more movie magic. Popcorn is available for 50 cents. All movies are subtitled.

January Early Marx Brothers
1/8 "Animal Crackers"
1930, G, 99 minutes
1/15 "Monkey Business"
1931, NR, 78 minutes 
1/22 "Duck Soup"
1933, NR, 69 minutes
February Burt Lancaster Samples
2/5 "Sweet Smell of Success"
1957, PG, 96 minutes
2/12 "Elmer Gantry"
1960, NR, 146 minutes
2/19 "Local Hero"
1983, PG, 111 minutes
March Will Rogers, Humorist
3/4 "The Story of Will Rogers"
1952, NR, 109 minutes
3/11 "Steamboat Round the Bend"
1935, NR, 81 minutes
3/18 "Life Begins at 40"
1935, NR, 80 minutes
April James Ivory, Director
4/1 "A Room with a View"
1985, PG, 112 minutes
4/8 "Howard's End"
1992, PG, 142 minutes
4/15 "Remains of the Day"
1993, PG, 135 minutes

Adult Activity Center Matinees

Movies start at 1:30 p.m. on Fridays and are free. Subtitles available. Popcorn is available for 50 cents.

2/1 "Sleepless in Seattle"
1993, PG
3/1  "Twister"
1998, PG-13
4/5 "Steel Magnolias"
1989, PG
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