DIY Shops and Studios


Wood Shop

Ages 18+. Our woodworking shop & studio is perfect for woodworkers of all levels. Staff is available to help beginners complete their projects from the start to finish, including conceptualizing, finding a woodworking plan, building and finishing.

The shop & studio is equipped with saws, planer, jointer, lathe, and everything else you need to build stunning wooden furniture. Our visitors build anything and everything, including cabinets, bookshelves, planter stands, wine racks, and more.

In-person programs will remain closed while Lane County is still in Extreme Risk status.  
Drop-in $7 ID/$8 OD
5 Visit Pass (Buy Here) $25 ID/$30 OD
Monthly Membership $59 ID/$71 OD

We accept commission requests for small- to medium-sized custom-built wood furniture and other projects. Contact 541-736-4444 for more information.

Rock and Gem Studio

Currently closed. Ages 18+. Equipped with slab and trip saws, grinder, sanders and polishers, and helped by skilled volunteers, you can turn rocks into beautiful gems or cut your thunderegg.

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