Love ’em and Leash ’em

We love our dog visitors! It’s a delight to see dogs in our parks and on our trails. And while we know that your dog is amazing, we also want to make sure our other visitors feel safe, too.

That’s why we’re asking you to Love ’em and Leash ’em. Keeping dogs on-leash helps to mitigate some of the unpredictable situations that can arise when dogs are introduced to unfamiliar people and pets. We’ve posted some ordinances below to outline some district, county and state expectations. We’re grateful for your help in keeping parks safe and fun—for your dog, and for everyone else!

Want to have an off-leash experience? We’ve got you covered! Try visiting Lively Park, a nearly 4-acre dog park with separate play areas for large dogs and small dogs. It’s a great place to play! Lively Park is located at 6100 Thurston Road.


Luca explores Dorris Ranch on a rare snowy day. Maybe he isn’t used to snow, but it’s okay if he’s surprised—his owner is close at hand!

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We have dog training classes for various  experience levels, so you and your pup can form an even better bond. Learn more here.

Related Laws and Ordinances

We don't mean to hound you, but there are some ordinances and laws in place that make leashes compulsory. Here's some information.

Willamalane Park and Recreation District
Ordinance 100
9. Animals. No horses or other pack/riding animals are allowed in any District Park, except in designated areas or in conjunction with District-sponsored or sanctioned activities.  All pets must be on a leash except in designated areas.  Pet owners are responsible for the immediate removal of animal solid waste.
City of Springfield
5.418 Dogs and Other Animals At Large Prohibited.
(1)        No dog keeper shall permit a dog to be at large.
(2)        Except for bees and cats, it shall be unlawful for the keeper of farm animals to allow these animals to run at large or be upon the premises of any other person, a public sidewalk or street.
(3)        The offenses specified in subsections (1) and (2) of this section are punishable as a violation and may include a fine not exceeding $720.00 pursuant to SMC section 1.205. [Section 5.418 amended by Ordinance No. 6169, enacted May 15, 2006.]
Lane County
7.110 Dogs at Large Prohibited.
(1) No dog owner shall permit a dog to be at large.
(2) A dog owner, whose dog runs at large, commits a Class C violation if the dog has been spayed/neutered or a Class B violation if the dog is fertile.
(3) A dog owner is deemed to be negligent per se for the actions of a dog at large when the dog causes injury to a person or property. (Revised by Ordinance No. 2-82, Effective 4.9.82; 13-86, 11.7.86; 3-89, 5.12.89; 1-00, 4.12.00; 6-09, 2.5.10)

Use of Service Animals

  • In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Willamalane Park and Recreation District allows service animals to access most public areas within its property
  • Service animal means any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability. The provision of emotional support, well-being, or companionship do not constitute work or tasks for the purpose of this definition.
  • A service animal is permitted in most public areas unless one of the exceptions is met: (1) The animal is out of control and the animal’s handler does not take effective action to control it; or (2) The animal is not house-broken.
  • A service animal shall have a harness, leash, or other tether, unless either the handler is unable because of a disability to use a harness, leash or other tether, or the use of a harness, leash or tether would interfere with the service animal’s safe, effective performance of work tasks, in which case the service animal must be otherwise under the handler’s control.
  • Service animals are not permitted in swimming pools or wading pools.
  • Service animals are permitted in locker rooms, but not indoor shower facilities.


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