Thurston After School Academy

Thurston After School Academy is canceled until further notice. For more information, see

More than just an after-school program, Thurston After School Academy offers intentional academic support that encourages academic growth by encouraging every kid to explore their potential. With custom-tailored support, we are able to challenge kids who seek to broaden their academic horizons, while engaging youth that need a daily check-in. One-on-one mentoring allows kids to have a guide on the side who helps them to set goals, organize work and even receive tutoring sessions. We will also provide student-led recreational learning opportunities that allow children to explore art and STEM topics of their choosing.

Try us out for just one month or register for several months at a time. Academy is $49 per month.

Need to check in? Thurston After-School Academy's phone number is 458-209-1723.

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