Summer Park Program

We are so excited to see our young friends in the Summer Park Program again! 

Summer Park Program offers organized activities at neighborhood parks where staff will supervise opportunities for active play, socialization, and creativity through arts and crafts, all for free! This program is open for kids entering grades 1-5 and runs 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Monday through Thursdays from June 29 through August 20.

Safety will be our top priority all summer long, which is why we are making modifications to our programs that align with public health recommendations. We are taking measures to ensure physical distancing and sanitation to keep campers, families, and staff as safe as possible and follow all current guidelines and recommendations.

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Changes to the Summer Park Program in 2020:
  • This summer, only three sites will be available, and each of the three sites can serve up to two groups of 10 (20 kids per site). 
  • Pre-registration is not available, and groups will be weekly rather than daily. 
  • Physical distancing will be encouraged as much as possible. 
  • Increased sanitation practices will also be implemented.  
  • Willamalane staff will be picking up lunches and delivering to park sites. 
Registration information:
  • Registration paperwork is only required for the first park visit, staff will keep paperwork on file for future weeks. Groups will reset on Monday mornings and will be first come first serve until we meet our max capacity of 20 participants. Registration is required for each park child attends. 
  • Availability will be a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Siblings are encouraged to stay together. 
  • Please remember to register your child whenever they go to a new site. If any attendees are turned away due to participant caps, guardians will be notified.

Summer Park Program Sites
Willamalane Park
1276 G St.
Check-in: Doors at the park entrance near Willamalane Park Swim Center
Lunch site: Two Rivers Elementary School

Douglas Gardens Park
3455 S. Redwood Drive
Check-in: Tennis courts off Redwood Drive
Lunch site: Agnes Stewart Middle School

Thurston Park
747 64th St.
Check-in: Near basketball courts in the north side of the park
Lunch site: Ridgeview Elementary School

Cancellation policy:
We may cancel the Summer Park Program on days of extreme weather or air quality levels where playing outdoors is hazardous to participants and staff. We will announce closures on the website. 

FOOD for Lane County 
All the park sites this year are supported by FOOD for Lane County, but distribution for summer meals will take place on school grounds, instead of directly in the parks. 



When can I register?
Register onsite starting June 29.

How many spots are available?
We have reduced our teacher to child ratios this year, so we have a limited capacity for participants. 
Willamalane Park: 2 groups of 10 for a total of 20 available spots.
Douglas Gardens Park: 2 groups of 10 for a total of 20 available spots.
Thurston Park: 2 groups of 10 for a total of 20 available spots.

How much does it cost for my child to attend?
This program is free to all participants entering grades 1-5.

Willamalane is implementing extensive measures around physical distancing and sanitation to keep campers, families, and staff as safe as possible and follow all current guidelines and recommendations. Read more about the Willamalane Safety measures.

What changes did you make for the Summer Park Program in 2020?
We are reducing the number of site locations so we can maintain smaller, stable group sizes. Each park will have no more than ten kids in the same group, with the same staff. We are setting weekly group sizes so that we can maintain stable groups throughout the week. This is a change from daily drop-ins from previous years. Groups will be reset on Mondays, and new participants can join at that time as capacity allows. Spaces will be guaranteed on a first-come, first-serve basis, and no pre-registration will be offered. We will be encouraging physical distancing in groups as much as possible. We will also implement an even more restrictive sanitation process and illness monitoring protocols.

What policies are in place for Willamalane staff taking care of participants?
Read about what safety measures Willamalane staff are taking

Will you be tracking any illness symptoms or outbreaks?
We will be checking for symptoms of new coughs or fevers for any participant entering the program area.  Any child who arrives without a parent to verify their temperature will need to have their temperature taken by staff before the child can attend. If we suspect an illness or infection, we will isolate the participant and send them home.

If participants or staff, or anyone in their household, has recently had an illness with a fever or a new cough, they should remain at home until: 
  • At least ten days after illness onset, 
  • 72 hours after the fever is gone without using fever-reducing medicine, 
  • Symptoms are improving.
Participants or staff who have had direct exposure to COVID-19, will not be able to return until 14 days after the exposure, assuming they do not exhibit symptoms. We will also be keeping daily logs for each stable group to help identify anyone at-risk, should there be any illness associated with a camper or staff member.

Will participants and teachers have to wear masks?
Participants ages five and older must wear a face covering outdoors when unable to maintain six feet of physical distance. All staff interacting with patrons must also wear masks while indoors or while unable to maintain a six-foot difference while outdoors.

What sanitation procedures are you taking?
We are closely following and staying up-to-date on statewide and industry guidelines to keep our participants, families, and staff safe. To keep us all healthy, we have developed guidelines for daily health checks, physical distancing, handwashing, sanitizing items, cleaning program spaces, adjusted activities, meals, and snacks, and drop off and pick up.
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