My First Sports

My First Sports offers young children an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of sports. But it’s more than just sports for little ones: The classes also provide a unique opportunity for kids and their parents.

“When I was a little kid, I was able to play T-ball with my dad,” says Spenser Lind, athletics supervisor at Willamalane. “It’s one of my fondest memories growing up. I’m glad we’re able to give similar memories to these kids and their parents.”

Working through athletic challenges with parents can cement relationships, Lind says.

“There’s nothing like bonding over sports,” Lind says. “It’s a great time for both kids and their parents.”

Which First Sport is the best fit for your kid?

Parent participation is required in these introductions to athletics. Each participant receives a medal!
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Willamalane T-Ball Spring Break Camp: Ages 3–5. Join us for the second annual Willamalane Spring Break T-ball camp. This four-day mini camp will focus on skills like throwing, catching, batting, running, and agility. 

Les Schwab Sports Park
Monday–Thursday, 3/23–26, 10–11am 
$59 ID/$70 OD. Register here

My First Sports: Tumbling: Ages 18 months–3 years. Stretch your imagination and your body! Help your child improve body control, motor skills, and creativity through stretching, dancing, and games.

Bob Keefer Center 
Fridays, 4/3–5/8, 9–9:45am
$60 ID/$72 OD. Register here

My First Sports: Indoor Track and Field: Ages 3–5. Show your child the world of track and field! In this class, parents help their kids learn the basics of a variety of track and field events including sprints, jumps, and throws.

Bob Keefer Center
Wednesdays, 4/1–22, 10–11am
$39 ID/$48 OD. Register here

Bob Keefer Center 
Wednesdays, 4/1–22, 5:30–6:30pm
$39 ID/$48 OD. Register here

My First Sports: Soccer: Ages 3–5. Does your child love to run and kick? They’ll also love soccer! We’ll focus on skills like kicking, dribbling, trapping, throwing, running, and agility.

Les Schwab Sports Park
Wednesdays, 5/6–27, 10–11am
$39 ID/$48 OD. Register here

Les Schwab Sports Park
Wednesdays, 5/6-27, 5:30-6:30pm
$39 ID/$48 OD. Register here

Current Classes

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Get active after school! After-School All-Stars is a great way to get kids excited about sports after school in the convenience of their own school gyms and playgrounds. Learn more about After-School All-Stars here.


Why can't I see the class I want to take? 
Not all classes may be available at this time, and many of this term's classes may have already started. Check back every term for a new slate!

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