Middle School Sports

These recreational leagues are a partnership with Springfield Public Schools and are open to all kids, regardless of skill level or ability. Most seasons are six weeks long and include two weeks of practice before games begin. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. Schedules vary by school, subject to field and gym availability. Practice after school Monday-Thursday.

Middle School Sports scholarships are available! Click here to download the scholarship application.

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Fall Sports 

Schedules will be posted on this page during the second week of practice.
Season fee: $65 per sport. Scholarships are available.
Agnes Stewart, Briggs, Hamlin, Thurston Middle Schools.
Cross Country
Register here by 9/18
Season runs 9/23–10/31
Flag Football
Register here by 9/18
Season runs 9/23–10/31
6th Grade Volleyball
Register here by 9/18
Season runs 9/23–10/31
7th/8th Grade Volleyball
Register here by 9/18
Season runs 9/23–10/31
6th Grade Basketball
Register here by 10/30
Season runs 11/4–12/20

Winter/Spring Sports 

7th-8th Grade Boys Basketball 
generally runs from January-February.
7th-8th Grade Girls Basketball generally runs from February-March.
Soccer generally runs from April-May. 
Track & Field generally runs from April-May. 

Check back in December to register for Winter/Spring Sports. Schedules are released during the second week of practice and will be located here. 


What is the philosophy of the Middle School Sports Program?
Our program is a recreational league that is designed to give all students a chance to play regardless of skills and abilities.

How long are the seasons?
Each sports season runs for approximately 6 weeks. Track and Field typically runs for 5 weeks.

What does the season look like?
Our program runs Monday through Thursday from 3:15-4:45 p.m. on practice days and 3:15- approx. 6 p.m. on game days.

The first week of each sport starts by running’s skills and drills to assess the athlete’s abilities. While our league is recreational, it is important to match up players with other players to make a dynamic team while also spreading out the skills. By the end of the first week, teams are set.

Beginning of the second week, schedules will be released (on-line) and teams will continue to practice to develop their techniques as well as learn to play as a team.

Weeks three through six is when games will begin. Typically there are two game days a week and two practice days.

Does this program require a sports physical?
No, this program does not require a physical.

My child doesn’t attend a Springfield School District middle school, May we still participate?
Yes! This program is open to all 6th-8th graders, regardless of school enrollment.

Where does my child go to practice?
Practices take place at your child’s school! Most students will meet in the gym on the first day of practice and then the coach will determine from that point forward where their team will meet up on the school site. For more specific information, see the Athletic Director at your school.

Who will be the coach of the team?
While all coaches are Willamalane employees, many of them are also teachers and staff at your child’s school. Our coaches must pass a series of background checks and training requirements that qualify them to work with children. We believe that great coaches come to us with all different abilities and we encourage coaching professional development through online training classes and mentoring opportunities.

Can I come to my child’s practice?
Parent’s attendance at practice is always welcome, however not required. We do ask that if you attend practice, you are there as an observer. The coach should be the only person giving direction. It can be counterproductive for a parent to coach from the sidelines because the athlete then may not listen to what the coach is saying.

What if I have a concern about a coach or official?
If you have concerns about a coach or the officials, call Willamalane at 541-736-4544 and ask to speak to the Middle School Sports Supervisor.

What if I have questions about the child’s placement on a team?
Please direct these questions to the Athletic Director at the school.

How many games are played?
Most sports will play about 7 to 8 games. This number can be effected by school closures for Holidays, Breaks and inclement weather however we do our best to make up any cancelled game.

What happens if a game gets canceled?
Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that lead to the cancellation of a game. We do our best to reschedule these games however it is not always possible.

How does my child get to a game at a different school?
Springfield Public Schools will transports the team and coach to the off-site games. Only the coach and athletes are allowed to take this school bus.

Will my child be returned to their school after an on-site game?
Athletes have the option to ride the bus back to their home school site. Parents are also able to pick their child up from the game. We do require that parents sign their kiddo out with the coach.

What if we cannot afford the entire registration fee?
Thanks to Springfield Public Schools we have a wonderful scholarship program. If you are not able to pay the entire registration fee please download and fill out the Middle School Sports Scholarship Application or pick one up at Bob Keefer Center. This scholarship makes the cost of each sport only $20.

Download the Scholarship Application


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