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There's never been a better time to be a gamer. Video games are so much more than pixels on a screen — they're an opportunity to build friendships, develop teamwork and decision making skills, and even earn collegiate scholarships and careers!

Willamalane Esports aims to build a friendly, all-ages community of gamers to learn, develop skills, form teams, and compete together.

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Be the first to know about Willamalane Esports news and make your voice heard as we plan events and tournaments! Club membership is absolutely free and open to anyone ages 7 and up.


Upcoming Events

Fortnite Solos Youth Open
Fortnite Battle Royal is a 100 person free-for-all where you pit yourself against other players to become the last player standing! This will be a one day, 135 person (30 slots reserved for Willamalane), three-game tournament. Bonus: There will be prizes if you place!
  • When? Friday, Oct. 23, 5-8 p.m.
  • Where? Virtual! If you have a copy of the game and are signed up, you can compete from home.
  • Who can participate? You can participate if you are ages 7-18 and have your own game and device.
  • How can my family watch? Satellite Gaming will be live streaming the event on Twitch with Jamie “Zeefles” Harris giving a play-by-play of all the action. You can also join in the chat and get some shout-outs or cheer your friends and loved ones on.
  • How will I join in? You'll receive a Lobby Join Code two hours before the match on the first day of the tournament. Don't share the code!
  • 1 Point for each Elimination
  • 2 points for top 25
  • 3 points for top 15
  • 5 points for a Victory Royal + (each Victory Royal gets a prize)
  • This is a solos tournament.
  • Absolutely NO teaming! You must compete on your own.
  • Must have an appropriate alias.
  • Anonymous mode must be turned off.
  • Have good sportsmanship!
  • Do not share the lobby join code.


Minecraft Creative League
If you can dream it, you can build it! Put your imagination and limitless resources to work in our Minecraft Creative League. This will be a 6-week league where every Thursday, your team of 1-4 people will receive a theme. You will have from that Thursday until the next Wednesday to create something based on the theme of the week. Judges will score your creation on Wednesday, and on Thursday your creations will be live-streamed for every competitor to see!
  • When? Starting Thursday, Nov. 5, through Thursday, Dec. 17.
  • Where? Virtual! You will be logging into your own world.
  • Who can participate? You can participate if you are ages 7-18 and have Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Up to eight teams can participate, so don't delay in getting your spot!
  • How can my friends and family watch? Satellite Gaming will be live streaming weekly on Twitch with Jamie “Zeefles” Harris and Trevor Fahlman giving commentary on each design. You can also join in the chat and get some shout-outs or cheer your friends and loved ones on.
  • Winnings? Yes! Video Game Headquarters is providing a prize to the winning team.
  • Every Thursday, Jamie and Trevor will give your team a theme. You have until the following Wednesday to build something based on that theme.
  • Your team will score up to 30 points each week, earning 10 points in each of three categories: Theme, Creativity, and Detail. 
  • We will track your team's score and tally it up in the final week, when we will have a closing ceremony.
  • It's up to you and your team to find the time to create!
  • You'll need Minecraft Bedrock Edition, which is compatible with PC, Xbox, Switch, Playstation, and Mobile. Java only works on PC.
  • You aren't required to be on a team, but it is encouraged. Teams may be up to four people.
  • All creations must be family-friendly and appropriate.
  • On Wednesdays at 4 p.m., when judging begins, one player from the team must open the server so we can enter and score your creation.
  • Get creative, and have fun!



What is the Esports Club?
Our Esports Club gives anyone the opportunity to join in on anything esports related! By joining the club, you'll get information about organized leagues, tournaments, get-togethers, and community events.

How much does it cost?
Club memberships are free! When you sign up, you'll sign a liability waiver and join our email list for esports notifications. Leagues and events may have a cost.

Who can join the club?
Anyone over the age of 7 can join!

What are some benefits of esports?
Esports require hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, critical thinking, and memory. Video gaming can provide stress relief and opportunities for positive social interaction with others who enjoy similar interests. It will give another opportunity for people to make new friends, socialize, and interact.

What are the club rules?
We want to create a positive social gaming environment to ensure that anyone who loves to play video games can feel welcomed with open arms. Here are our rules:
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Do not harass anyone
  • Do not use explicit language
  • Create a positive environment
  • Include everyone
  • Keep an appropriate alias
  • Practice good sportsmanship
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