Kampin’ Koalas

Ages 3-5.
 A fun weekly camp for preschoolers! Each week will focus on an age-appropriate theme where campers will dive into crafts, active play, social/emotional development and problem-solving skills. Please bring a water bottle and lunch. Morning and afternoon snacks provided.

Bob Keefer Center, 7am-6pm
M–F: $187 ID/$224 OD per week
Week of July 4: $149 ID/$180 OD
Choose your days: $45 per day ID/$52 per day OD
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Friends and Fun:
 Join us as we get to know each other! We’ll discuss friendships and enjoy fun group activities. (Week 1, 6/17-21)

Take Flight:  From airplanes to kites, we’ll discover all that we can about things that fly! (Week 2, 6/24-28)

Red, White, and Blue: We’ll explore the colors of the stars and stripes from our flag. No camp 7/4. (Week 3, 7/1-5)

Snow, Ice, and Penguins: We’ll dive into the frigid arctic waters to explore all the polar things! (Week 4, 7/8-12)

Wild West: Grab your boots, and get ready for a stompin’ good time as we head west! (Week 5, 7/15-19)

All Aboard: From trains to pirate ships, we’ll explore all the things that we can climb aboard! (Week 6, 7/22-26)

Trail Blazers: All things nature! We’ll explore our open space here at the center to discover and construct things from nature. (Week 7, 7/29-8/2)

Splish, Splash: Plan to get wet as we splish-splash our way through the week learning all about water! (Week 8, 8/5-9)

On the Farm: From planting to animals, this week will be filled with all the things we can find down on the farm. (Week 9, 8/12-23)

Oopy Goopy: Dress to get messy! This week, we’ll dive into oopy, goopy, messy fun. (Week 10, 8/19-23)

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