Explorers Camp

Entering grades 1-2.

Drop off: 7–9am; Pick up: 4–6pm
Camp activities: 9am–4pm
M–F: $154 ID/$184 OD per week
Week of July 4: $123 ID/$147 OD

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See the schedule for Explorers Camp: Bob Keefer Center
See the schedule for Explorers Camp: Guy Lee

Make It or Break It:
 Whether you like to build or destroy, this week offers plenty of opportunities for both. Design and build using a variety of different materials. (Thurston, Week 1, 6/17-21. Two Rivers, Week 4, 7/8-12)

CIA: Camp Intelligence Agency: Learn spy skills, evade capture and save the world. Build super spy gadgets, decode messages and solve puzzles to gain top-secret status. (Thurston, Week 2, 6/24-28. Two Rivers, Week 6, 7/22-26)

Red, White and You: Celebrate our country and its traditions through patriotic games and crafts. (Thurston and Two Rivers, Week 4, 7/1-5)

The Care of Unicorns and Other Magical Creatures: Explore a world of unicorns, dragons and other magical creatures through stories, crafts and games. (Thurston, Week 4, 7/8-12. Two Rivers, Week 8, 8/5-9)

Art Studio: Observe the works of the masters, and then try your hand at creating projects in their styles. (Thurston, Week 5, 7/15-19. Two Rivers, Week 9, 8/12-16)

Would You Rather: Loosely based on the Disney TV show “Cooper and Cami Ask the World,” this week is presented as a series of choices. Would you rather…? (Thurston, Week 6, 7/22-26; Two Rivers, Week 10, 8/19-23)

Game On: Get on board to play new games and old favorites, including some that are life-size! (Thurston and Two Rivers, Week 7, 7/29-8/2)

Storybook Summer: Join some of your favorite book characters for a week of adventures. (Thurston, Week 8, 8/5-9. Two Rivers, Week 2, 6/24-28)

Ready Player Fun: Level Up! All your favorite video games and characters, from Creepers to Zubat, off-screen and unplugged. (Thurston, Week 9, 8/12-16. Two Rivers, Week 1, 6/17-21)

The Imagination of Roald Dahl: Splendiferous art projects, giaganticus games and other scrumdiddlyumptious activities based on the stories of Roald Dahl. (Thurston, Week 10, 8/19-23. Two Rivers, Week 5, 7/15-19)

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