Discovery Camp

Entering grades 2-6.
 This camp is perfect for kids who love the outdoors. Hike, sing, laugh and get dirty in nature’s backyard. Field trips, special guests, swimming and trips to local parks round out the days.

Springfield Depot, 101 S A St, Springfield, OR 97477, 7am-6pm
Drop off: 7–9am; Pick up: 4–6pm
Camp activities: 9am–4pm
M–F: $154 ID/$184 OD per week
Week of July 4: $123 ID/$147 OD

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Nature Unleashed:
 Nature can unleash immense power with fires, hurricanes, and tsunamis. Learn the causes and results of these phenomena. (Week 1, 6/17-21)

Enchanted Forest: Welcome fairies, wizards, gnomes, and unicorns to a gathering of mythical creatures. It’s magic in the making! (Week 2, 6/24-28)

Red, White and You: Celebrate our country and its traditions with patriotic games and crafts. No camp on 7/4. (Week 3, 7/1-5)

Camp Survivor: Tribal alliances are formed and teams compete in mental and physical challenges. Will your team survive Friday’s tribal council? (Week 4, 7/8-12)

That Oregon Life: Discover the Seven Natural Wonders of Oregon, and other things that make our state unique. (Week 5, 7/15-19)

It’s Easy Being Green: Discover how sustainable practices exist all around you. Create with recycled materials as we learn to protect our Earth. (Week 6, 7/22-26)

Disguises & Surprises: In nature, a good disguise or a big surprise can be a lifesaver. Learn about playing dead or rolling into a ball from the true masters. (Week 7, 7/29-8/2)

A Brush with Nature: Investigate nature’s colors, textures and patterns while using different mediums to create awe-inspiring works of art. (Week 8, 8/5-9)

Nature Is Tree-mendous: Enjoy a week of bark, branches, twigs and stumps as we learn about a tree’s ecosystem. (Week 9, 8/12-16)

Ocean Odyssey: Dive in to learn about the amazing creatures that lurk beneath the water’s surface. (Week 10, 8/19-23)

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