Community Camps

Willamalane partners with Springfield Public Schools and other community organizations to connect kids with summer camps. These camps are managed by outside organizations.

Springfield Millers Girls Basketball Camp: Springfield girls basketball is inviting all incoming 4th-8th grade girls to basketball camp. Our coaching staff and high school players will be working with campers teaching fundamentals, playing games, winning prizes, and making friends! We encourage girls of all skill levels to join in on the fun and meet the new coaching staff! Go Millers!  

Monday-Thursday, 7/8-7/11, 9am-12pm
Class #23018. Register Here

Springfield Millers Volleyball Camp: Come join the Springfield High School players and coaches to learn, build and/or perfect the skills necessary to play and compete. Through drills and games, you will learn the essential elements of serving, serve reception, passing, setting, hitting, blocking, defense, and the overall game rules.

Grades 1-5
Monday-Thursday, 8/5-8/8, 9-11am
Class #21574. Register Here 

Grades 6-9: Monday-Thursday, 8/5-8/8, 11am-1pm
Class #21575. Register Here

Springfield Women’s Youth Soccer Skills Camp: Grades K-5.  Join the Springfield Women's Soccer Team and Coaching Staff for a fun time learning and  improving your individual soccer game.  Participants will focus on basic skills of ball control, passing, shooting, and field play. T-shirt included.

Wednesday-Friday, 8/14-8/16, 9am-12pm
$60 ID/$72 OD
Class #21683. Register Here

Springfield Women’s Soccer Skill and Conditioning Camp: Entering grades 9-12 at SHS.  We're taking girls' soccer skill and conditioning camp to the Oregon coast! Room and board included with camp fee. Includes three full days of soccer conditioning and skill work. 

Depart from SHS on 8/4 at 2pm and return to SHS on 8/8 at 2pm.
Class #23033. Register Here

Thurston Colts Girls Youth Soccer Camp: Have fun, while learning ball skills, player movement and small sided games.  Get help from experienced high school players who will be helping in groups and with individuals.  T-Shirt included.

Grades 3-5 
Monday-Thursday, 8/5-8/8, 9-11am 
Class #21579. Register Here

Grades 6-8: Monday-Thursday, 8/5-8/8, 9-11am 
Class #21571. Register Here

Thurston Colts Girls High School Soccer Camp: Entering grades 9-12. Get prepared for tryouts by working on foot skills, ball movement, shooting, passing, ball control, conditioning, scrimmages and small sided games!  T-shirt included.

Monday-Thursday, 8/12-8/15, 8-11am 
Class #21572. Register Here

Thurston Colts Incoming Freshman Volleyball Camp: Entering grade 9 at THS. Meet the coaches and experience what a typical week of practices feels like with Thurston Volleyball.  Daily sessions will focus on team based drills as well as individual techniques ending with game-like scenarios. This camp is an opportunity to help incoming players feel comfortable with the coaching staff and our program expectations and to learn volleyball techniques/systems prior to open gyms and tryouts. T-shirt included.

Monday-Thursday, 6/24-6/27, 5:30-8pm
Class #21675. Register Here

Thurston Colts Summer Youth Volleyball Camp: Your favorite THS Volleyball players will be helping out as counselors in this high energy and active camp! We’d love to help teach you how to overhand serve, pass, set, dig and hit! T-shirt included.

Grades 2-5 
Monday-Thursday, 7/8-7/11, 11:30am-2pm 
Class #21673. Register Here

Grades 6-8: Monday-Thursday, 7/8-7/11, 3-5:30pm
Class #21674. Register Here

Thurston Volleyball Mini Skills Camp: Entering grades 9-12. Work on specific volleyball techniques in these focused camp sessions. T-shirt included.

  • Setters: Work on specific setting techniques including footwork and hand position. Will focus on setting the most common tempo sets including outsides, opposites, middle quick attacks, and backrow attacks.
  • Hitters: Work on specific hitting techniques including approach footwork and arm swing. Will focus primarily on hitting outside and opposite attacks.
  • Blockers: Work on specific hitting techniques including approach footwork and arm swing for quick temp sets. Will focus primarily on hitting 1st and 2nd tempo attacks. Will also focus on blocking footwork and hand position. 
  • Defense: Work on specific defensive techniques and defense systems. 
  • Serve/Pass: Time will be split focusing on perfect passing technique and arm platforms as well as serving technique, and service zones. 
Monday-Thursday, 7/15-7/18
$35 per session

Current Camps

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Not all camps may be available at this time, and many of this term's camps may have already started. Check back every term for a new slate!

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 People who live or own property within Willamalane Park and Recreation District’s boundaries support Willamalane with their tax dollars, and so they enjoy lower program costs. If you live in-district, you'll pay the ID cost; if you live out-of-district, you'll pay the OD cost. Not sure if you're in-district? Check the district map here.
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