Camp Kaboom

Entering grades 2-6.
 Have a BLAST at KABOOM! Active games, crafts, experiments and projects follow a weekly theme. Also included are field trips, special guests and swimming. Led by caring, experienced staff, campers will use their imagination, grow new friendships, and discover new talents and interests. No camp 7/4.

Drop off: 7–9am; Pick up: 4–6pm
Camp activities: 9am–4pm
M–F: $154 ID/$184 OD per week
Week of July 4: $123 ID/$147 OD

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See the schedule for Camp Kaboom: Thurston
See the schedule for Camp Kaboom: Two Rivers

Make It or Break It:
 Whether you like to build or destroy, this week offers plenty of opportunities for both. Design and build using a variety of different materials. (Thurston, Week 1, 6/17-21. Two Rivers, Week 4, 7/8-12)

CIA: Camp Intelligence Agency: Learn spy skills, evade capture and save the world. Build super spy gadgets, decode messages and solve puzzles to gain top-secret status. (Thurston, Week 2, 6/24-28. Two Rivers, Week 6, 7/22-26)

Red, White and You: Celebrate our country and its traditions through patriotic games and crafts. (Thurston and Two Rivers, Week 4, 7/1-5)

The Care of Unicorns and Other Magical Creatures: Explore a world of unicorns, dragons and other magical creatures through stories, crafts and games. (Thurston, Week 4, 7/8-12. Two Rivers, Week 8, 8/5-9)

Art Studio: Observe the works of the masters, and then try your hand at creating projects in their styles. (Thurston, Week 5, 7/15-19. Two Rivers, Week 9, 8/12-16)

Would You Rather: Loosely based on the Disney TV show “Cooper and Cami Ask the World,” this week is presented as a series of choices. Would you rather…? (Thurston, Week 6, 7/22-26; Two Rivers, Week 10, 8/19-23)

Game On: Get on board to play new games and old favorites, including some that are life-size! (Thurston and Two Rivers, Week 7, 7/29-8/2)

Storybook Summer: Join some of your favorite book characters for a week of adventures. (Thurston, Week 8, 8/5-9. Two Rivers, Week 2, 6/24-28)

Ready Player Fun: Level Up! All your favorite video games and characters, from Creepers to Zubat, off-screen and unplugged. (Thurston, Week 9, 8/12-16. Two Rivers, Week 1, 6/17-21)

The Imagination of Roald Dahl: Splendiferous art projects, giaganticus games and other scrumdiddlyumptious activities based on the stories of Roald Dahl. (Thurston, Week 10, 8/19-23. Two Rivers, Week 5, 7/15-19)

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