After-School All-Stars

After-School All-Stars is the perfect way to encourage a lifelong love of sports in young people. Springfield Public Schools and Willamalane have teamed up to make the athletic pursuit easy. Willamalane provides the coaches and the schools provide the venue, making it simple for kids to extend their athletic education in the convenience of their own schools.

Looking for Golf, Tennis, or Cross Country? Go here.

Kung Fu: Grades 1–5. This six-week course offers fun kung fu drills that teach valuable, lifelong skills. This new class takes place at your child’s own elementary school. No gear required.

Guy Lee: Tuesdays, 4/14–5/19, 3–4 pm. $55. Register here
Douglas Gardens: Wednesdays, 4/15–5/20, 3–4 pm. $55. Register here
Mt. Vernon: Thursdays, 4/16–5/21, 3–4 pm. $55. Register here

Track and Field: Grades 2–5. Coaches work with kids on six different events during this six-week clinic. Registration also includes entry into a meet at Thurston High School track on Thursday, May 21.

Douglas Gardens: Tuesdays, 4/14–5/12, 3–4 pm. $45. Register here
Page: Tuesdays, 4/14–5/12, 3–4 pm. $45. Register here
Thurston: Tuesdays, 4/14–5/12, 3–4 pm. $45. Register here
Walterville: Tuesdays, 4/14–5/12, 3–4 pm. $45. Register here
Centennial: Wednesdays, 4/15–5/20, 3–4 pm. $45. Register here
Mt. Vernon: Wednesdays, 4/15–5/20, 3–4 pm. $45. Register here
Ridgeview: Wednesdays, 4/15–5/20, 3–4 pm. $45. Register here
Yolanda: Wednesdays, 4/15–5/20, 3–4 pm. $45. Register here
Guy Lee: Thursdays, 4/16–5/21, 3–4 pm. $45. Register here
Maple: Thursdays, 4/16–5/21, 3–4 pm. $45. Register here
Riverbend: Thursdays, 4/16–5/21, 3–4 pm. $45. Register here
Two Rivers: Thursdays, 4/16–5/21, 3–4 pm. $45. Register here

Yoga: Grades 1–5. Explore fun animal yoga poses like cat/cow, frog, rabbit, and camel while building strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Then release a day’s worth of energy with activities promoting cardiovascular strength and social interaction.

Maple: Tuesdays, 4/14–5/19, 3–4 pm. $45. Register here
Thurston: Wednesdays, 4/15–5/20, 3–4 pm. $45. Register here
Ridgeview: Thursdays, 4/16–5/21, 3–4 pm. $45. Register here

Current Classes

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Meet the Coach

One of our After-School All-Stars coaches, Jordan Yoss, started playing sports when he was just two or three years old. So he appreciates how having basketball, soccer, and track easily accessible after school can make a huge difference. “They can go straight from their classroom to After-School All-Stars,” Jordan said. “They don’t need to find a ride to go to a sports center, they don’t need to go anywhere unfamiliar, and they’re still getting all the benefits of being part of a sports team.”

Athletics has a multitude of benefits for young people. “Not only do they improve agility, balance and hand-eye coordination, but they’re also making friends,” Jordan said. These programs serve kids who may be in different classrooms or even in different grades, so it’s a chance for kids with similar interests to connect when they may not otherwise have the opportunity.

"At the end of track season last year, we had a track meet. We had entirely different schools coming together, and these kids who have never met before becoming fast friends,” Jordan said. “Sports are a great atmosphere for kids to have fun and be competitive.”

Jordan loves watching his students improve over the course of a season. “At the end-of-season track meet, we can see the physical evidence of their improvement — their jumps, their sprints, their hurdles, and throwing are improving,” he said. “I’ve had instances where kids really surprise me. On the first day, they’re struggling to get the concept down, and later on, they’re just nailing it.”

“Coaching kids and seeing what they get out of it is awesome. It’s so much fun,” he said, “And After-School All-Stars just makes it so easy for kids to get involved.”


Why can't I see the class I want to take? 
Not all classes may be available at this time, and many of this term's classes may have already started. Check back every term for a new slate!

What does ID/OD mean?
 People who live or own property within Willamalane Park and Recreation District’s boundaries support Willamalane with their tax dollars, and so they enjoy lower program costs. If you live in-district, you'll pay the ID cost; if you live out-of-district, you'll pay the OD cost. Not sure if you're in-district? Check the district map here.
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