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Willamalane youth and family classes introduce kids to new ideas and fun hobbies. Programs for toddlers introduce them to early cooking, science, and art skills. Programs for grade schoolers promote independence and responsibility, giving them cooking skills or a fun, social Friday evening away from home.

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Programs for Toddlers

My First Little Chefs
Ages 3-5. Mix, stir, measure and prep as we prepare kid-friendly recipes with our little chefs! Learn counting, shapes and explore the senses as we whip up delightful dishes.
My First Little Explorers
Ages 2-5. Grab your little explorer! This class is all about discovery and learning as they interact with nature. Parent participation is required.

My First Little Scientists
Ages 18 months-5 years. Join your little scientist as we explore and experiment with all types of subjects. From paleontology to chemistry, we will predict and experiment with things related to science.

My First Messy Play 
Ages 2-5 years. Dress for mess and artistic success! Young children are free to smear, squeeze, splatter, and explore. It's all about discovery and tactile learning as they interact with safe, nontoxic, and edible products. Come dressed for a messy good time! Parent participation is required.

My First Wacky Water Play
Ages 18 months-5 years. Bring your little one dressed for water play and plan on getting drenched! Splish, splash, and sploosh your way through wading pools and bubbling ponds.

Programs for Grade Schoolers

Kids Night Out
Ages 4-11. Enjoy a night out while the kids have a blast at the Two50 Youth Center. We have all the amenities for a great evening: foosball, pool, arts and crafts, games, court sports, and more. A light meal is provided.

Young Chefs
Ages 9-11. Young chefs slice, dice, and sear their way to delicious, nutritious meals. Along the way, they’ll learn how to source tasty ingredients, safely prepare and handle food, and cook it to perfection.

Programs for Middle Schoolers

Esports Nights

Grades 6-8. Get your game on! Esports Nights are all about building a positive community of middle school gamers. Coaches provide tips and strategies to up their game. We'll play Minecraft, Rocket League, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and more.

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