Skate Parties
Let’s Roll! Skate Party, Disco Edition 
Get on your boogie skates and get dowwwwwwn! Join an all-ages, family-friendly skate party at Bob Keefer Center. These events are a real boogie wonderland with games, prizes, a designated beginners' skate area, and snack food available for purchase. Be sure to dress up in your favorite disco chic.

You'll need to register ahead of the event. Please bring your roller skates, in-line skates, and rollerblades. If you need to rent your skates, you can do that when you register. Admission is In-district $7 or out-of-district $10. Add $3 for rentals.  Links to register will be coming soon.

More events are coming soon!
Save the dates for these upcoming skate parties: March 24, April 15, May 17, and June 17.

Drop-in skate times
You can skate at Bob Keefer Center when courts are available. You can call 541-736-4544 for availability details.  Skate rentals are available and included in drop-in fees. 


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