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Girl swinging a bat at t-ballMy First Sports

Ages 3-5. Run, jump, dribble, toss, and bat alongside your little athlete! My First Sports teaches the fundamentals of each sport and helps to develop gross motor skills, creating a bonding experience like no other. Parent participation is required in these introductions to athletics. Each participant receives a medal!
  • In-person at Bob Keefer Center
  • $39 in-district/$48 out-of-district
  • June: Soccer
  • July: Track and Field
  • August: T-ball
  • September: Basketball
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Lavasier Tuinei training an athleteTraining with Tuinei & MVP Performance

Grades 5-8.  Former Oregon football player Lavasier Tuinei will coach students in this introductory class. Students will get an early start on foundational athletic skills including safe, effective weight room techniques, and concepts of mobility, running form, and quick feet. These classes will complement any athlete in any sport.
  • In-person at Bob Keefer Center
  • $195
  • Grades 5-6: Mondays and Wednesdays, 9-10 a.m.
  • Grades 7-8: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9-10 a.m.
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TrackGirlz Workshop

The first 40 middle and high school girls to sign up for this virtual workshop get three free weeks of track and field training from Olympian Mechelle Lewis Freeman and Wellness Coach Jennifer Nash Forrester. Plus, they'll have a chance to do a 100- or 200-meter race on the official U.S. Olympic Team Trials Race Walk course in Springfield!
  • Part virtual, part in-person at Bob Keefer Center
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After-School All-Stars: Basketball

Grades K-5. Dribble, shoot and score! This six-week clinic gets kids excited about basketball located at the Bob Keefer Center. Coaches use games and drills to sharpen skills and reinforce fundamentals all while having a blast!
  • In-person at Bob Keefer Center
  • $55 in-district, $66 out-of-district
  • Grades K-1: Tuesdays, 4–5 p.m. Begins May 11.
  • Grades 2-3: Wednesdays, 4–5 p.m. Begins May 12.
  • Grades 4-5: Thursdays, 4–5 p.m. Begins May 13.
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One-on-one Coaching

Ages 5-14. Willamalane’s experienced coaches will provide 1-on1 private lessons in basketball, soccer, and volleyball. These lessons are designed for any youth with any ability. Students will be learning fundamentals and strategy as well as great life skills. Pre-registration is required for all lessons.
  • In-person at Bob Keefer Center
  • One student: $35 in-district, $42 out-of-district an hour.
  • Two students: $45 in-district, $54 out-of-district an hour.
  • Please call Spenser at 541-736-4516 to set up your next lesson.

Meet the Coaches
Coach Tim
has been playing soccer since before he could walk and has been coaching for over three years. In addition to soccer, he is also adept at basketball, swimming, track and field, and tennis. Coach Tim said, "My coaches and teammates inspired me to always be my best self. With them, I always do the best I can to never let them down." He hopes to be that coach for his players, teaching them to be respectful of others, responsible for their commitments, and accountable for their actions.

Coach Liz has been playing sports for 20 years and has been coaching for 5 years, specializing in basketball and volleyball. She started playing basketball at 5 years old and played on a year-round club team starting at 8. She played volleyball in 6th grade and played all through middle and high school, starting varsity all four years. "Sports have taught me so much growing up, such as accountability, responsibility, and respect for those around me," Coach Liz said. "It gave me a sense of belonging. I also believe it was because of sports that I excelled in academics as well." She aims to teach her players to find their love of the game, as well as the importance of being on time, being accountable, and taking responsibility for one's actions.

Coach Megan has been playing sports for 14 years and coaching at Willamalane for more than a year. She has played basketball for 14 years and was voted team MVP for three years running. She was also selected for the 2nd team all honors two years in a row, and 1st team all league honors for one year. "Playing sports not only gave me an outlet for all my energy, but also it taught me the importance of teamwork, accountability, and respect," Coach Megan said. She hopes to teach her players how important it is to try their best in whatever they do and to apply that ethic to both sports and their daily life.

Coach Thomas has been playing basketball for more than 20 years and has coached with Willamalane for three years. He was the assistant coach for a men's team in Germany while stationed there for two years during his military service. He also has coached at Lane Community College. "Sports helped form me to be who I am today," Coach Thomas said. "It's helped guide me to be a mentor for others and to develop a good work ethic." He wants to be a mentor to his players and teach them how good sportsmanship and motivation can translate to one's whole lifestyle.

Thurston Shao-Lin Kempo

Ages 3 1/2 to adults. Shao-Lin Kempo empowers people of all ages with lessons in personal discipline, cooperation, danger mitigation, and a sense of greatness from within. New classes every month!
  • In-person at Thurston Shao-Lin Kempo
  • $100/month, includes a free gi (karate uniform)
  • Register here

Virtual PE

Let's get moving! Start with stretches, jump into a workout, then finish with some sports skills practice. More free PE classes are coming soon!


Do you have scholarships available?
Yes, we do! 
Will Willamalane track any illness symptoms?
Anyone who is participating will be asked if they have any signs and symptoms of illness. Participants who are ill will not be able to attend and asked to go home.

Do I have to wear a mask? Will employees?
Face coverings and physical distancing requirements will no longer be required indoors at Willamalane for those who are fully vaccinated. Face coverings will still be required for youth programs including preschool programs, afterschool programs, camps, and classes. Willamalane will still require participants and staff members supporting these programs to wear face coverings, regardless of vaccination status.

If a patron or staff member is unvaccinated, unable, or  would prefer not to verify vaccination status, they must wear a mask and maintain required physical distancing while indoors.

What sanitation procedures are you taking?
We are closely following and staying up-to-date on statewide and industry guidelines to keep our campers, families, and staff safe. To keep us all healthy, we have developed guidelines for health checks, physical distancing, handwashing, sanitizing items, and check-in. 

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