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Ages 5-12. Can your Junior Jogger help Springs make his journey to Disneyland? In this challenge, kids will track and submit their jogs and runs, winning prizes along the way for how many miles they have completed. Our cumulative miles will power Springs on his 880-mile journey to meet Mickey. All participants get a Junior Jogger startup kit!

Challenge starts Feb. 26. Join any time.
$10 ID/$12 OD. Consider joining as a team!


What You’ll Get

  • Local running route ideas.
  • An opportunity to join a team with friends.
  • Prizes at key milestones.
Already jogging?


How to Participate

  1. Register for Junior Joggers. If your kid wants to join as a team, encourage friends to register, too! Up to five people can be on a team.
  2. After registering, you will receive an email with instructions about how the Junior Jogger program works.
  3. Go for a jog! Be sure to record your kid's miles. If you can, take photo evidence of your jog. A picture of your kid in running gear works great.
  4. Fill in the Log Your Jog form. If your kid is on a team, make sure everyone uses the same team name in their logs.
  5. Check the leaderboard. It will be updated every Monday!
  6. We'll give prizes! Once you hit certain milestones, we'll email you to let you know you've earned a prize. 

Any questions? We're here to help! Get in touch at trevor.fahlman@willamalane.org.

Health & Safety

In order to adhere to current COVID guidelines, maintain physical distancing guidelines & wear a mask when passing other runners or pedestrians. Avoid touching objects, sitting on benches, or having contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. Wash hands after the jog.


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