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Willamalane offers a variety of interactive wellness and health classes and workshops. We have self-care, personal growth, health education, prevention and more. Take time to take care of yourself!

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Acupressure for Digestive Health: Ages 50+.  Feel better and improve your digestive health with acupressure. Help relieve digestive conditions that can cause pain, discomfort or embarrassment.  Instructor: Nathan Schulman, Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Canceled.

 Skin Cancer Screening: Ages 18+. Dr. Eric Olson, a dermatologist, will be available to look at specific concerns such as moles, bumps and skin discolorations. Time does not allow for a full skin examination. Book your screening time in advance.

Thursday, 8/8, 1-3pm
Book your screening time by calling 541-736-4444

Improve Your Balance with Cindy O'Brien: Ages 18+. Join Cindy O'Brien for this one-hour workshop on how balance works, why it is so important and ways to improve yours. Prevent falls and live longer and stronger. Presenter: Cindy O'Brien, CPT-NASM. Register in advance. 

Saturday, 6/8, 10-11:30am 
$19 ID/$25 OD
Class #21525. Register Here

Acupressure for Back Tension: Ages 50+. Learn to use acupressure on yourself to relieve the back tension that can cause pain. Get back to doing what you love!  Instructor:  Nathan Schulman, Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Register in advance. Adult Activity Center.

Wednesday, 7/17, 12-1pm 
$15 ID/$18 OD
Class #20725. Register Here

Osteoporosis Prevention: Cindy O’Brien reversed her Osteoporosis diagnosis within 2 years through education, exercise and nutrition. Learn how she did it and if it might work for you. We’ll review osteoporosis & osteopenia in depth.  Discover nutrients and foods that help build bones. Explore movements to help protect your bones, and get your general questions answered. Presenter: Cindy O’Brien, CPT-NASM. Register in advance. Adult Activity Center.

Saturday, 7/20, 9am-12pm 
$29 ID/$35 OD
Class #21543. Register Here

Laughter Yoga: Ages 18+. Laughter yoga strengthens the immune system, reduces pain and lowers stress. Practitioners do not use any of the traditional yoga postures. They simply need to laugh. Join Sandra Jeffs for this free workshop!

Thursday, 8/8, 4-4:45pm 
Class #21526. Register Here

Chinese Medicine 101: Ages 50+. Learn how practitioners use herbal medicines and various mind and body practices, such as acupuncture, acupressure and tai chi to treat or prevent health problems. Instructor:  Nathan Schulman, Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Register in advance.

Wednesday, 8/14, 12-1pm
$15 ID/$18 OD
Class #20727. Register Here

Hand and Foot Reflexology: Ages 50+. Learn reflexology, the practice of applying pressure to the feet and hands to points that correspond to specific body systems. The practice was created to improve health, relieve stress and treat pain. Instructor: Nathan Schulman, Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Register in advance.

Wednesday, 9/18, 12-1pm 
$15 ID/$18 OD
Class #20724. Register Here

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