Dancing is one of the most satisfying activities. Social, physical and artistic, dance hits all the right moves. Learn to dance, dance with friends or both with our variety of dance options. Many classes are drop-in but a few instructional classes require registration. Try them all and feel lighter on your feet.

Dance classes are now included with the Willamalane ALL-ACCESS Membership. No need to register!

Ballroom and Partner Dancing: Ages 18+. Expand your experience of ballroom and couples dancing. Some ballroom or couples dance experience is needed for success. Bring a dance partner.
 Last class 12/18
Adult Activity Center
Wednesdays at 7:45pm

Ballroom Dance Basics: Ages 18+. Learn waltzes, two-steps, cha-cha, swing and more in this ballroom class for beginners. Bring a dance partner.
Last class 11/21
Adult Activity Center
Thursdays at 5:30pm

Easy Ballroom Dances: Ages 18+. Learn how to translate ballroom steps into simple dances and choreographies in this four-week class. Easy Dances is the next step after learning Ballroom Basics. Bring a dance partner.
 Last class 11/21

Adult Activity Center
Thursdays at 6:30pm

Belly Dance for Beginners: Ages 14+. Learn the basics of tribal fusion belly dance, improve fitness, and develop core strength while working out to great world music. Class emphasizes posture and stretching to avoid injury. Learn to build upon moves in 8 week segments or drop-in anytime. 
Class will resume January 13th
Bob Keefer Center
Mondays at 6pm returning January 13


Hip Hop Dance: Ages 14+. Learn hip hop dance moves in this beginner-level class that will keep you jumping!
Last class for fall term 12/16
Class will resume January 13

Bob Keefer Center
Mondays at 7:30pm 

Line Dance Basics: Ages 18+. Learn and practice the basics of line dancing in country-western style and other traditions. Improve coordination, muscle memory, and musicality in a warm, supportive social atmosphere.
 No class 11/30, 12/28
Adult Activity Center
Saturdays at 9am 

Line Dancing: Easy Steps: Ages 18+. Learn as you move with this beginning class that will have you line dancing from step one.
  No class  11/15, 11/19, 11/29, 12/24-12/31
Adult Activity Center
Tuesdays and Fridays at 1pm

Line Dancing: Next Steps: Ages 18+. Take your line dancing to the next level with this intermediate class that will improve footwork and fitness.
  No class 11/15, 11/19, 11/29,  12/24-12/31
Adult Activity Center
Tuesdays and Fridays  at 2pm

Square Dancing: Ages 18+. A mix of modern and traditional square dancing. Class includes all levels, including both traditional and unique formations and approaches.
  Last class 12/16
Adult Activity Center
Mondays at 7:45pm

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